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World Trade Center

General Marketing Piece

Anya Leck

on 8 December 2009

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Transcript of World Trade Center

World Trade Center Saint Louis Address:
121 S. Meramec
Saint Louis, Missouri
Phone: 314.615.8141
Fax: 314.615.8140 www.worldtradecenter-stl.com Contact Us: Our Mission: The Mission of the World Trade Center Saint Louis is to facilitate international business growth adn enhance global competitiveness throughout the greater St. Louis region and other areas within Missouri and Southwest Illinois. To this end, World Trade Center Saint Louis provides international business contacts, foreign market research, regional events of international relevance, instruction in international trade to the business community at large. It also supports Sister City organizations in pursuit of their respective missions. Our Purpose: From customized research to business training and accessible resources, the World Trade Center Saint Louis supports your organization's efforts to capitalize on globalization. See how the World Trade Center's local access can strengthen your global reach to customers, information and resources. Sister Cities Program The St. Louis Sister Cities Program is part of the World Trade Center Saint Louis’ international mission. Sanctioned by Sister Cities International (www.sister-cities.org), locally, it supports and coordinates the 15 sister cities programs and provides guidance for those interested in establishing new sister cities relations. Sister Cities International is a nonprofit city-to-city network inspired by President Dwight D. Eisenhower's suggestion in 1956 that citizen diplomacy might reduce the chance of future world conflict. Today, more than 900 U.S. cities are paired with 1,300 cities in 92 different countries. Benefits of participation include:

International business contacts
Increased awareness of other cultures
Opportunities to become host families for visitors and students from abroad
Volunteer and community service
Fostering of mutually beneficial relations in economic development, education, art, culture, medicine, and sports
Showcase St. Louis as an international city
Membership: Investing in Yourself Can Make a World of DIfference Investing in a membership with the World Trade Center Saint Louis is best explained as investing in your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation that has been doing business internationally for decades or a small firm that is just beginning to explore the idea of expanding abroad, membership with the World Trade Center Saint Louis will benefit your organization in a way that is perfectly suited to your company’s needs. The World Trade Center Saint Louis has created a multi-faceted network designed to support and encourage your company’s international growth. From the World Trade Center’s top-notch trade education and training seminars to our extensive and organized network of quality resources, it is easy to see how the World Trade Center Saint Louis is capable of providing the same high quality services that generated over $250 million in new business for our member companies for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Affiliate
Top 10 Reasons that affiliation with the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis is the logical choice for regional companies involved in international business:

10 Immediately tap into the extensive resources of the World Trade Centers Association and the network of nearly 300 World Trade Centers and 750,000 member companies in about 100 countries

9 Utilize the personalized research, information and consultation services of the professional, experienced staff

8 Assistance on importing and overseas sourcing solutions, WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis is the only resource organization of its type in the region to specifically cater to these needs

7 Access at reduced cost to over 40 educational seminars, briefings and other events organized each year on pertinent international business topics

6 Link to important international business contacts within our region as well as to global contacts through the World Trade Center network

5 Access to the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis’ proprietary subscription-based research tools as well as the resources of other World Trade Centers

4 Receive an advanced company listing and hyperlink in the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis i-Business Directory

3 Access WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis facilities at reduced rates and utilize facilities at other World Trade Centers around the world on a reciprocal basis

2 The WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis is experienced in working with the international trade community and is a cost beneficial alternative in the services it provides


1 In the last 10 years, member companies have self-reported more than $250 million in new business and 5000 jobs attributable to the assistance of the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis

If you do business internationally or want to, you should be a member of World Trade Center Saint Louis. The Center offers services and programs to help companies become more competitive and strategic in their international growth plans.

Members of the World Trade Center Saint Louis can access:

•Trade education
• Market intelligence reports
• Networking and connectivities
• Customized research services
• Referrals and sales contacts

We provide the international business community with valuable research services, training programs, and strategic tools that help member companies grow business locally and in key markets globally.
Services and Programs: Events Calendar: Attending an educational program, dinner or lecture is a great way to expand your international knowledge or to network with others involved in international business. From multi-cultural dinners to education and training, the Regional International Events Calendar is the St. Louis region's most comprehensive on-line listing of international events and organizations.

Please take a look and mark your calendar for an upcoming event!!

National/International Events of Interest
Also, planning to visit Saint Louis? This page offers links to the most useful sites to help you make the best of your trip. Trade Resources: International business is taking place 24/7 so our Web site offers self-directed research assistance 24/7 so you can stay connected and current on international trade issues. Our Web site is designed to place our extensive international Resource Database, trade tools, and on-line research requests at your fingertips.

In addition, the MEMBERS ONLY section includes trade tools to help get you answers when you need them. Items include:
The Guide to Getting Started in Exporting/Importing
Service Providers Directory
Trade Leads Portal
Regulatory Bulletins
A little bit about us: WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis’ operating license is granted by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) in New York and established the WTC as a regional entity serving not only the St. Louis metropolitan region, but also the entire Missouri and Southern Illinois markets, excluding the Kansas City region. We are part of an extensive global association of over 300 World Trade Centers, with overall goals to enhance international trade, promote local economic development, and ultimately foster peace and stability through trade. Established in 1993, our mission is to develop a comprehensive international agenda for the region by bringing together the human expertise and the government resources for international business growth. WORLD TRADE CENTER Saint Louis is certified in the top 10 percent of the 300 World Trade Centers globally and has assisted regional businesses in achieving nearly one-quarter of a billion dollars in new international business. We provide the business community with valuable resources such as: international market research; comprehensive data systems; premier events; business-to-business matchmaking; and educational opportunities. Companies utilize our international trade programs and information resources throughout the region and businesses worldwide may access trade information through our online Trade Resource Center component of this website.
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