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Exploration and Ethnography in Second Life

For A&S Wired class, Feb 20, 2014

Randolph Hollingsworth

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Exploration and Ethnography in Second Life

Second Life Ethnography
Destination to Remember
University of KY Second Life Island

Become a member of the University of Kentucky group (you can search and join or accept Bella Yan's invitation
Bring your avatar to UKSL island and fly to the center, e.g.,
the UK Peace Garden, or
the Student Center, or
the WTYoung Library
From top menu bar, under the "World" dropdown menu, "Set Home" while you are there at UKSL
Read the UK SL Island Covenant
"The University of Kentucky uses this island for educational and research purposes and for exploring how Second Life can support learning, communications and collaboration."
General rating
Group Owned (University of Kentucky)
Estate permissions:
Voice - on
Fly - on
Push - off
Build - off
Scripts - on
Damage - off
See avatars - on

Exploration, Field-based Observations, Interviews of SL Residents => Field Notes, Photos/Videos and Journaling in UK Shadow & Light blog posts
What is Second Life?
3D virtual world began in 2003; 1st to have its own economy and stock market
entirely built and owned by residents
36 million accounts; avg 400K new registrations per month
1 million users each month from around the world
By Tuesday
Download SL client
IM Bella Yan in-world or send dolph@uky.edu an email giving your SL account name
Fill out your profile but do not use your real name
Accept inventory (inc UKSL landmark and invitations to groups) from Bella Yan
Go to UKSL and set home there
Practice moving, sitting, touching, transporting, searching
EVERYONE write blog entries journaling the experience/observations
Are You Ready?
How will you present yourself to Second Life residents?
Skin, hair, eyes and makeup
Profile, inc. bio, news feed or favorite places in SL called "picks"
A&S Wired notecard to present to residents who agree to talk with you and be interviewed and get their picture taken
Second Life is NOT a game
Terms to Use in Your Blog Posts
Residents (anyone who creates an account, free or paid, and creates a personal avatar)

SLurls and landmarks (ways to mark where your avatar goes in Second Life)

Prims (the building blocks of objects in SL, many of which are scripted to move or to make avatars move, e.g., pose balls)
Second Life is NOT a game
Terms to Use in Your Blog Posts
Estates and Sandboxes ("land" owned by residents on islands - some are private, some are open for anyone to use)

Inventory (where all your personal objects are kept, inc. outfits, notecards, landmarks)

Covenants and ratings (cultural promises for behaviors expected)
Saudi Arabia
On Tuesday

See you in the computer lab in M.I.King Science Library!

Enter the building from the door facing Funkhouser Drive - it's between Pence Hall and the Chem-Physics Building
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