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Texting while driving = death

Robert and Devin

devin hanson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Texting while driving = death

BY Robert Texting While Driving = Death Drivers distracted by talking or texting on cell phones killed an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007. TEXTING While Driving = Death Cottle and Devin Hanson In 2009, nearly 5,500 people died and half a million were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data. Distraction-related fatalities represented 16 percent of traffic fatalities in 2009, the agency said. It's unclear how many of those fatalities can be blamed on texting. THE END A Massachusetts teen was convicted of homicide because they thought it was a good idea to text while driving and will serve one year in prison. Aaron Deveau 18 years old was found guilty on charges of vehicular homicide, texting while driving and negligent operation of a motor vehicle in a 2011 crash that fatally injured Donald Bowley 55 years old from Danville, New Hampshire and seriously injured a passenger in Donald Bowley's car.
"I made a mistake," Deveau said after his mother told the district court in Haverhill, Massachusetts he would not intentionally hurt anyone. "If I could take it back, I would take it back." Some of the pictures and videos are bloody and extremly graphic
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