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Faculty of Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering Dep

No description

Abood Mimi

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering Dep

Contents of the presentation
Project Description

Summary of Our Introduction



Risk Management
Quantities obtained from Aecosim

Quantities divided each 100 meter

Direct cost : labor, materials , subcontractor

Indirect cost : dewatering...etc

Profit : 10% from total cost

Risk management
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Civil Engineering Department
Graduation Project
Construction Management For Lusail Commercial Boulevard (LCB)

Prepared by:

Musab Marqa 1121176
Mohammad Almusleh 1120120
Abdulhamid Mimi 1121280

Supervised by:
Eng. Imad Hamdan
Eng. Mustafa Abed Al Musa
   21, January, 2017

Project Description
Lusail city
Summary of Our Introduction
Determine duration and cost

Primavera "P6"


Define activities

Planning divided into two phases

Define the relations


1- Dewatering

2- Weather

3- Fire

4- Earthquakes

5- Variation Order

6- Error in design

7- Labor unrest

8- Labor accident

Control point
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