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The Bahamas

No description

Julie Gray

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of The Bahamas

The Bahamas Beaches in the Bahamas Nassau The Bahamas is a great place to go on your next vacation. Naussa is the capitol and has many great places to visit. There are many beautiful beaches, great places to eat, and many places to go in the city. Naussa The Bahamas have a wide variety of foods to chose from. They have lots of seafood because they are surrounded by the ocean. They have crawfish, conch, and land crabs, along with lots of types of fish. A typical bohemian meal consists of crab and rice along with steamed fish and baked macaroni and cheese. When you visist The Bahamas you will get to experience a wide variety of new foods. The beaches on The Bahamas are a great place to swim, get a tan, or just relax. They are the major tourist attraction in The Bahamas. The capitol of The Bahamas is Nassau. It is great place to visit. Its only a 30 min plane trip from Miami! Its a beautiful area with perfect temperatures from 70-80 degrees F. One big tourist attraction is The Straw Market located in the middle of the city. This is where Bohemian women sell local handmade crafts. Bohemian Food The best place for you to stay while your visiting Nassau is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Its great for families. When you travel to Nassau you can take a plane, or maybe go on a cruise. Dont forget to pack your swimsuit, sunglasses, and camara!!!
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