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The United States is often called a nation of immigrants, an

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Gabbie Perez

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The United States is often called a nation of immigrants, an

The United States is often called a nation of immigrants, and yet US history reveals many examples of anti-immigrant sentiment, actions, and legal restrictions. Which is true —that America is a nation of immigrants or that it is a nation that does not support immigration?
Throughout American history, millions of people around the world have left their homelands for a chance to start a new life in this country—and they continue to come here to this day.
America is a nation of Immigrants.
Over the years, immigrants have had different reasons to come to America. Some came to escape war, others for the freedom to practice the religion of their choice. Still, others came for the opportunity to own land or simply for a chance to work and escape the poverty of their homeland.

Although America has its fair share of laws and restrictions on immigrants and immigration, we also have acts that are very positive towards immigrants.
America has embraced immigration by creating the D.R.E.A.M. Act. This bill would provide conditional permanent residency to certain immigrants of good moral character who graduate from U.S. high schools, arrived in the United States as minors, and lived in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment.
How America has embraced Immigration
Why it may seem that America is Anti-Immigration.
In America we have had several immigrant reducing laws such as, the Emergency Quota Act, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, etc, however, they were just to control the amount of immigrants coming to our country, since there were so many coming at a time.
America is a Salad Bowl
America referred to the term, "Salad Bowl" when referencing their citizens. America is so ethnically and racially diverse, (like a salad bowl with many different components), it is full of all sorts of people that live together.
Yes, America has had its moments where immigration was slowed, and even stopped, but it is easy to see that America is very pro-immigration and will continue to be.
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