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Workplace Communications

No description

Amanda Wilber

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Workplace Communications

PRESENTING.... Amanda Wilber Find YOUR Voice Use language that is distinctly yours Make the Complex...Simple Say what you mean in as little
words as possible Trust In General.... Etiquette in the workplace means you need
to being kind to one another, polite and respectful
When you are wrong....ADMIT IT! Don't let someone else take the fall for your mistake and apologize
Help one another
Listen to what they have to say and be an active listener How do you use good Etiquette? Workplace Etiquette Results Mind the Say-do gap What is Etiquette?! Which Scene do you
think was good
Etiquette? Mind the Say-do gap Make the Complex...Simple Find your own Voice Be Visible Listen with your eyes as well as your ears Watch your behavior (facial expressions, body language) Rule of thumb: it’s better to say nothing or delay your communication until you’re certain that your actions will ring true. TEXT: STAY OFF YOUR
PHONE Effective leaders distill complex thoughts and strategies into simple and memorable terms so that their colleagues and customers can remember them if you are having trouble getting the message through....it may mean that you don't understand it yourself Don't fixate on eloquence Executives will often opt for the "corporate voice" because they it's more appropriate People want REAL! They follow REAl and they respect it! Don't disguise yourself! Be genuine Be Visible! It's easy to HIde E-mail and texting is no substitute for
face-to-face communication Make sure you are seen and not just heard make an effort to be involved in the workplace Talk to people and show that you care Use your eyes as well as your ears it's easy to get lost in trying to get your message across or if they are understanding you alsdfjasodifjwaelkfnasdf asdlfkjawoeifnwejkfn read between the lines.....listen and actually hear what is being said to you......look for non-verbal cues........ Sometimes a person's
body language can tell you
all you need to know RESULTS!
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