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Maddy Rambeau Birthday Prezi


KF Student

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Maddy Rambeau Birthday Prezi

Madison Rambeau

September 1, 1999 Name Meaning 3 News Events 3 Famous People Famous First Edgar Burroughs 3 sports facts Entertainment Madison means "Son of Matthew" Word War II began - 1939 Edgar Rice Burroughs - 1875 Wrote the Tarzan stories Eileen Collins 1st yacht race, King George v his brother James - 1661 Rambeau means "descendent of Raginbald" Wreck of Titanic found - 1985 King George refused to sign Olive Branch Petition - 1775 Rocky Marciano - 1923 Dame Peggy - 1910 Died March 19, 1950 His book was turned into the famous Disney movie Tarzan 1st woman astronaut to command a space shuttle mission British Columbia Rugby football union formed - 1926 1st US woman's open golf championship won by Patty Berg Genie in a bottle by Christina Aguilera American Beauty directed by Sam Merde Other facts Minimum wage- $5.15 Gas - $1.22 Weather- 83 degrees in Kenner THE END!
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