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Devonian Period

No description

Nightlock Ninja

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Devonian Period

Devonian Perio= 1 STrand of Spaghetti
World's Life= 383 1/3 Strand of spaghetti
world's life= 12 bowls of a proper serving of spaghetti
Proper serving: 32 strands of spaghetti= 1 bowl
Or 2.61 * 10^-3%
The Devonian Period
By: Anjali Bhatt and Huda Maloum
The age of:
Overview/ interesting facts:
Paleozoic era
Named after Devonshire, England
age of fishes-Marine life
animals going inland
The Firsts:
forests (100 ft trees)
Ammonoids (octopi, squids...)
ferns, horsetails, and seed plants
The Lands are Moving!
Gondwana Land heads north
2nd Supercontinent forms at equator
americas, north europe, russia, greenland
euramerica/ laurussia
Land surrounds south pole, runs up meridian
spreads east, modern day Indonesia
will clump near the meridian
Then break up
Animal life:
Lots of fish (up to 33ft)
Armored Placoderms- strong jaws
mollusks, libofins, tiktaalik (crocodile's ancestors)
lived in water, but went inland
Clean oceans/ good sunlight
lots of plant life (coral reefs)
Moved to land- no overpopulation
Plant life
adapt to dryness on land
Create oxygen, animals thrived
Lots of huge coral reefs
trees/ trunks
Mass Extinction:
70% died
Mainly marine creatures
Reef builders disappeared
Reduced atmospheric levels-greenhouse gas (CO2)
1st forests
Major asteroid impact
Global cooling
re-glacialization of Gondwanaland
Landforms formed:
Super-continents collide-Mountain range
South Laurentia- Appalachians
East Baltica- ural
Baltica/North America- Acadian mountains
Britain/ Scandanavia- Caledonides
~Rhynie chert, Scotland- sedimentary deposit, fossils
~grand Canyon Rock Layer, Temple Butte
~red rock in this time period
~kaaterskill Falls, New york
~Pools- Mix manorkill/oneonta/ genesee sandstone
~corilleran area- sumberged in sea 4,000-6,000 ft

Silurian Period
1) Glaciers melted
2) 1st Vascular Plant
3) Insects/Animals appear
4) Jawed fish
5) Reefs grew together
Devonian Period
1) Room for marine life
2) Plants go to land (vascular- water from roots)
3) Lots of life
4) age of fishes
5) food source for marine life
The Silurian Period- Effects
Devonian Period
1) Marine life- abundant
2) forests- oxygen
3) Tropical/humid climate
4) lots of forests

Carboniferous Period
1) start with many animal variety
2) they had 35% oxygen in air, 2014 has 21%
3) suitable to sustain life
4) swamp forests and lots of coal
Devonian's Effect
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Index Fossils:
Mucrospirifer Mucronatus
Middle devonian
palmatolepis Unicornis
Later Devonian
The Right Isotope:
Mucrospirifer Mucronatus
Covered with Bryozoans (Moss Animals)- CALCIUm
10355 ppm (parts per million)-Magnesium
Who cares?
115mg become 89 Ca over time
Scientists also use (on this fossil)
Sr (Strontium)
Overview/ Interesting facts Cont.
Small mass extinction
Melting of glaciers
End of the Devonian Period:
Sorry no spoilers

Tectonic Plates
Fossils and teeth of sharks
fish fossils
Fish Period
STable and Unstable Isotopes
Mg Stable
mG 24
mG 25
mG 26
Mg Unstable
Mg 22
Mg 23
Mg 27
Mg 28
CA Stable
Ca 40
Ca 42
Ca 43
CA 44
Ca 46
Ca 48
CA Unstable
Spaghetti Time!
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