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Nicole Ashley McEwan

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Homophobia

This video shows ways homosexuals are being harassed in their everyday lives Countries that have legalized gay marriage (as of April 25, 2013):
1. Netherlands - (2001)
2. Belgium - (2003)
3. Spain - (2005)
4. Canada - (2005)
5. South Africa - (2006)
6. Uruguay - (2008)
7. Norway - (2009)
8. Sweden - (2009)
9. Argentina - (2010)
10. Iceland - (2010)
11. Portugal - (2010)
12. Denmark - (2012)
13. New Zealand - (2013)
14. France - (2013)
How many countries where gay marriage is illegal?
There are 76+ countries where
gay marriages are illegal. biblography why this is an important issue http://www.youtube.com/ we hope this video will gave you some outlook that LGBT Rights are Human Rights. https://www.google.ca/webhp?hl=en&tab=iw https://www.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi http://prezi.com/ http://dictionary.reference.com/ Does money and poverty play a role in this issue? what is the issue? whose rights are being violated and by whom why are these rights being violated? how are they being violated? what is being done to stop it from happening? Where is it taking place?? 1: Government Policy's are taking into an account for homosexuals for their every day lives
2: Awareness
3: Clubs inside and outside of school and public recreation centers
4:Charity events/foundations/donate
5: Spread a good word to support homosexuals Civics Culminating Activity
Human Rights By : Nicole & Karen Homophobia
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