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Cyber Bullying

No description

Taylor Johnson

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Analyzing Influences
Real life example:
Jessica Logan sent a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend
He sent it to the whole school
She received mean messages calling her a sl** and a wh***
Real life example:
Hope Witsell-
Real life example:
Phobe Prince-
Phobe was an Irish Immigrant who went to the school dance with a senior football player
She got bullied online
Real life example:
Sarah Lynn Butler-
Sarah just got voted Queen at her Fall Festival
She got bullied on her my-space page and later killed herself
Real life example:
Chatting with her male friend on Facebook
A random girl started insulting her for no reason
The girls harassed her telling her to stop talking to the boy
Internal Influence
How can jealousy lead to cyberbullying?
External Influence
How Can TV and Media lead to cyberbullying?
Real Life Example
Why did those kids decided to bully her?
Hannah Smith was cyberbullied for being over weight over Ask.fm.
She received comments like "Go kill yourself"
What influenced the girls to cyberbully?!
The girls at school were jealous of Phobe because she was going to a dance with a senior football player
There jealousy became out of control so they started to bully
Why did those girls decide to bully?!
The Tv and media make fun of over weight people, even when they aren't very over weight
What influences those girls to bully!?
The girls at school were probably jealous that Sarah got Queen so they bullied her to make themselves feel better
People then think its okay to make fun of or bully larger people
How can Friends (peer pressure) lead to cyberbullying?
Real life example:
Kennith Weishuhn-
Real life example:
A group of guys made a website where they rated girls and wrote mean comments
Internal Influences
Lots of people get bullied through stereotypes, like a girl who's goth or a girl that wears short shorts
WHY were they cyberbullied?
There was a goth girl who was bullied just for being goth and all of the cyberbullies kept bullying her on stereotypes that weren't even true about her

WHY were they cyberbullied
Another girl at her school posted anonymously and said she was cyberbullied for wearing short shorts everyone had a stereotype about her that just because she wore short shorts she was automatically a bad person
How does popularity or seeking attention lead to cyberbullying?
Real life example:
Ryan's Story-
Real life example:
Lauren was bullying on social media sites
They also egged her home, vandalized her car, and threw a bottle of acid at her door
External Influence
Real life example:
Emily's Story-
Real life example:
Sarah's story-
External Influences
What influenced them to bully?
The girl insulting Charlotte was probably jealous that the boy was talking to her so she began giving nasty insults
Hannah Smith
Real life example:
Rebecca Black (an overnight sensation) was cyberbullied about her weight and that she should cut herself.
Why did those people cyberbully her?!
The media makes it seem ok to make fun of celebrities
That influences people to think it's ok to bully Rebecca Black
Peer Pressure
Bullying online and on the phone because of a rumor he was gay
His friends turned on him
Why did his friends turn on him?
When his friends found out he was gay, the peer pressure between them made them influence each other to bully Kennith.
Internal influences are feelings, emotions, thoughts that influence you to do certain things
External influences are family, friends, culture, physical anything or person that influences you.
How can the environment lead to cyber bullying?
In the environment today people think they call girls names and not hurt them
They have become desensitized to the words like sl** and wh***
They think that because so many people do it, its ok for them to do it too
Internal influence
Ryan started messaging a girl he likes
They were "dating" online
When he saw he in person, she told him she was joking and would never date a guy like him
He kept receiving mean comments online
Why did that girl decide to bully him like that?
The girl wanted attention from her friends. She wanted to be the center of attention and she thought it would be funny and make her more popular.
Why did those people decide to bully her?
The person who started bulling Lauren probably just wanted attention from his friends. He wanted to show them that he was "brave enough to do all that stuff.
Real life example:
Cyberbullyed saying she should...
drink bleach and die
cut herself
and was called many bad names
Real life example:
How can Family lead to cyberbullying?
Emily's best friend began to turn on her
She sent her mean texts and posted embarrassing videos online
She later figured out Emily's paretns just got a divorce
Why did Emily's best friend turn on her?
Because Emily's friend's parents were getting a divorce, she felt like she needed to take her family situation out on other people so she started bullying Emily.
Had a 4 year old sister who her parents always payed attention to
Sarah quit soccer so her sister could dance
She began bullying because of her low self-esteem
Why did Sarah decide to start bullying?
Because Sarah's parents weren't paying any attention to her, so began feeling sorry for herself so she took that out on other people.
Hope also send a nude photo that was forwarded around the school
She was called a sl** and a wh***
Why were people calling her those names?
In the environment today, so many people are called a sl** and a wh***, that people become desensitized to the word and it doesn't mean anything
Internal Influence
Rebecca Sedwick-
How can low self-esteem influence someone to cyberbully?
Cyberbullyed for many year online
Someone hacked into all her accounts and called her ugly names
Why did those people cyberbully her?
The bully wanted to have power over Kyra-Lynn because they have low self-esteem. They think that controlling someone else will them more powerful and raise their self-esteem.
Why did those girls decide to bully her?
Those people cyberbullyed Rebecca simply because they wanted power over her. They had low self-esteem so they felt like they needed to take control over someone else to gain their own self-esteem.
External Influence
Why did those guys do that?
The guys influenced each other to create the website and write the rude comments. Because one guy does it, you think it's ok if you do it.
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