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Terry Middle School Library Orientation


melissa alvarez

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Terry Middle School Library Orientation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Hi, I am Mrs. Alvarez
Your Librarian!
When you come to the library....
ask me for help finding books or other information
Don't Forget to Sign in
Bring a pass
You may check out
up to 4 items!!
(Limit 1)
Playaways & Audiobooks
(Limit 1)
You will need to know your student ID #
or just bring your ID!!!
Bring items to the
Circulation Desk to Checkout
2 week checkout!!!
3 day checkout!
1 week checkout!!!
of others in the Library
or bring them in to re-check them out!!!!
Make sure to return your items by the Due Date
LONE STAR 2012-2013
Don't Miss out on the Lone Star Field Trip !!!
1)Read 5 Lone Star Books
2)Pass an easy quiz for each book
3)Have fun at Celebration Station
while everyone else is at school!!!
Stay tuned for more info about Lone Star on your next library visit!!!
Respect your Library
No running, horseplay, or loud talking.
You do not need your friends to help you
check out books.

Take care of the books
Any questions????
If you choose not follow procedures...
you will loose your library privileges.
This is is what we do at the library...
Non Fiction
Graphic Novels & Manga
New Books!!!
(outside walls)
If you decide you don't want a book, put it here!
Select Books...
Use the computers for schoolwork
or to look up information!
Limit 1 at a time
(let others have a chance!)

Lost,Overdue or Missing Books

If only I had followed the rules!
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