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Research Paper Tips

No description

Jane Lofton

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Research Paper Tips

Research Paper Tips
“to commit literary theft.”
Using someone else’s words or ideas without giving credit.
Why does
it matter?
is it?
Intellectual theft
How to avoid it ...
Give credit where
credit is due
Don't use another
author's words
without quoting them
Take good notes -
full sentences
Include parenthetical citations or footnotes
in your text every time you use information from a source
Include all sources
in your
Works Cited at the end
of the paper
Using Authoritative

For each source,
ask yourself:

Looking for Sources -
Where to start?
Select Research -> Pathfinders ->
Current Issues
Works Cited & Footnotes
Use Easybib http://www.easybib.com
to make generating citations and creating your Works Cited and footnotes easy. Get help with EasyBib here:
from the
Mira Costa Library
Even when you use your
own words,
you still need to give credit
Use multiple
for Mr. Marx's Classes
Video from http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/libs/robeson_lib/index.html on youtube
Check all the Rutgers University videos:
Get different
In Google Docs, click Insert - > Footnote to add a superscript number in the text (one sequence from beginning to end of paper)
In the bottom footer of the same page, enter the footnote text after the number. Include author's name, title, publication information, & page (copy & paste the "works cited" version and "massage" it )
Footnotes are numbered in one sequence throughout the entire paper
You need to include a footnote EVERY time you use the source.
After the first footnote for a source, include only the author's last name and page number.
Works Cited Example:
Footnote Example:
compared to
Works Cited:
Here's an example of second or subsequent footnote for a source:
Ault, 110-111.
MLA 6 allows for either
MLA 7 uses only
parenthetical citations
Process the information
in your head AS you read,
don't take notes and think
you will later
Use the library website:
Use the library catalog to find
print books and ebooks
ebook logins are on the library brochure
- get it at the library or email Mrs. Lofton
Finally, please contact Mrs. Lofton
at the library or at
jlofton@mbusd.org for help
I'm here to help you!
Take advantage of these
For complete details on footnotes, see Appendix B1 (pages 297-313 in the MLA Handbook, 6th Edition.

For complete details on all other bibliography, see the MLA Handbook, 7th Edition.
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