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Final Transferring Made Easy

Detailed Presentation for ED 100 Classes

Michael Henningsen

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Final Transferring Made Easy

The Transfer Process Made Easy
Michael Henningsen
Assistant Director,
Career & Transfer Services
ACC 102
Objectives of Today's Presentation
Starting the thinking process
Provide basic information
Make you aware of services available

Where to start this CRAZY Process?
Not sure?

Talk with our Career Counselor

Lots of tools available to assist you in determining possible career/major choices!

Stop into 104B Payne Hall or call 731-5710 to make an appointment
Self-Reflection Time
What interests you?
What subjects do you do well in?
Ideas for what you want to do for a career?
Determine if transferring is
necessary for what you
want to do!

Research the schools that have
the major you are interested in!
Factors to keep in mind
when deciding on colleges:
Scholarship/Financial Aid Opportunities
Ability to get involed
Tuition- Between $18K & $41K (room & board)
Fees-Parking? Health? Activities?
Transportation-Car? Bus? Walk?
Books/Supplies-National Average: $175 per book!
Housing-Living on? Living Off? Meal Plans?
Transfer & Merit Scholarships
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships?
Other Scholarship Opportunities
Depending on what type of institution, requirements can differ
Religious Based

Some Colleges/Universities are based by School/College
Warner School of Business (U of R)
Decker School of Nursing (Binghamton)

General Rule of Thumb:
1/3 of credits are General Education
1/3 of credits are Major
1/3 of credits are Electives

Are there any Pre-Requisites that you can take here at MVCC and transfer
to the college of your choice?
You can transfer up to 64 credits from a two-year institution
Leadership Opportunities?
Choose no more than 5
Colleges to apply too!

Ok, I'm ready to Apply! Now what?
If possible, apply online!
Look over Application and get all necessary information together before filling out application

Examples Include:
High School Address & CEEB Coder
All Transfer School information
Approx. number of credits transferring in (including AP tests!
Possible Personal Statement/Resume
Possible Recommendation Names/Letters
After sending in/submitting Application:
Request MVCC & other College Transcripts by contacting the Registrar's Office
Request High School Transcripts (if needed)
Fill out the FAFSA, remembering to change the school codes!
If getting an Associates Degree, make sure you send a final transcript showing your Degree!
My Contact Information:

Michael Henningsen
Assistant Director
Career & Transfer Services
ACC 102

(315) 731-5808
It's never to early to starting planning
your next move for after MVCC! The earlier
you prepare for transferring, the better
(and less stressed) you will be!!

"To be prepared is half the victory".
Miguel De Cervantes
1547-1616 Spanish Novelist Dramatist Poet
Depending on what you want to do, you may not need
to continue on and get a Bachelor's (4-Year Degree)!

Examples of careers you only need an Associates Degree for:
Criminal Justice
Any Technology (Welding, HVAC etc)
Chemical Dependency
Culinary Arts
Hotel/Restaurant Management

**NOTE: You CAN continue on and get a Bachelor's degree in most of the job fields that will enable you to get a higher position & more money**
Application Fees:
Unlike MVCC, each 4-yr school charges a fee to apply!
SUNY=$50 per school (Have a 2 yr degree from MVCC = Apply to 4 SUNYs for FREE using SUNY Application!
Private/Non-SUNY Schools = anywhere from $30-$150
Applications fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!
College Transcript Fees

You must send a transcript from MVCC twice! Once when you apply, and again after you graduate, or finish your last semester!
Your very first Transcript from MVCC is free, any additional will cost you $10.00
You must also send any other college credit transcripts too! (other colleges, AP scores etc)

If possible, apply online! (No postage!)
Less chance of application getting lost, spilled on, misfiled etc...
If you do have to mail it, request a delivery confirmation from the Post Office!
What if I didn't get accepted in ANY schools?

There might still be hope!
Make an appointment with someone in the transfer office asap!
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