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4 Bit ALU Project

No description

Youssef Hanna

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of 4 Bit ALU Project

Prepared by:
Mina Edward
Youssef Hanna
David Nabil
Emad Soliman 4 Bit ALU Project Main Concept 4 Bit ALU Schematic 4 Bit ALU Circuit List of ICs 1 Comparator 7485
2 Xor 7486
1 Not 7404
2 4X1 Mux 74153
2 2X1 Mux 74157
1 7 Segment Decoder 4055
2 Adder 4008
1 And 7408
1 Or 4072 User's Manual Thank You For Your Time The user enters 2 4 Bit values
a & b and the circuit can perform
5 functions
1- add
2- Subtract
3- A'
4- A Xor B
5- Compare A & B The user enters the two 4 bit Values
A and B.
And then he chooses the desired function


with the 3 switches
S0, S1 and M
According to the Following Table
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