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Lesson 4. Think Beyond

No description

Naru Kwon

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 4. Think Beyond

Foundation Step 3 Step 1. Lesson 4. Think Beyond Page 83. How can we achieve the goals? We will . . . Sejong Hansol High School
Naru Kwon Step 2. Let's Review! is an idiom? What idioms do we know? Overall review What idioms do we know? Situation 1. What idioms do we know? Situation 2. An idiom is a phrase or group of words with a meaning that is not obvious from the individual words Lisa: I heard that she tied the knot!
Tom: What? I thought she broke up
with him! tie the knot = get married
off the cuff = do something without preparation
sleeper = a movie or book that doesn't draw much
attention at first, but ends up becoming a
surprise hit
draw a blank = can't think of the answer right now
throw in the towel = give up
hit the books = study hard
the apple of one's eye = love someone very much Lisa: I don't know why you like her. She is
getting on my nerves all the time!
Tom: Please be nice to her. She's the apple
of my eye.
Lisa: I knew you would say like that. I
throw in the towel. What are we going to learn? Words for this chapter! 1. obvious
2. be filled with
3. arrange
4. alternate
5. location
6. pour
7. unconventionally
8. perspective
9. tend
10. potential Goals for today! We will be able to
1. answer questions about gerunds and
2. use the auxiliary verb+have p.p.
form 1. do activities given in a textbook
2. read the text
3. do pair work
4. learn grammar rules What are we going to learn next time? The Auxiliary Verb
+Have+Past Participle Gerunds & to-infinitives Grammar Rules Verb+to infinitive
want, hope, wish, expect, decide, ask, pretend, choose, fail Verb+ ~ing
seem, enjoy, avoid, resist, keep, give up, finish, suggest, deny Verb+both (no meaning difference)
begin, prefer, like, love, start, continue, attempt, hate, propose Verb+both (meaning difference)
try, stop, remember, forget, regret What have we learned? may have p.p.
can have p.p.
must have p.p.

should have p.p.
shouldn't have p.p.
need not have p.p.
could have p.p. 1. The subjunctive mood
2. Perception verbs
3. To-infinitive complements 1. Gerunds & to-infinitives
2. The auxiliary verb+have+p.p. By moving just one glass, can you arrange the glasses so that the full and empty glasses alternate? Verb+both (meaning difference) try
regret How's the meaning different? Before You Read Page 82

A. Draw as many things as possible using Xs as starting points.

B. Choose the picture that is different from all others.
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