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Khurram Hameed

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Learn Prezi Fast

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
The University
University College of Engineering & Technology
The establishment of University College of Engineering & Technology (UCET) was announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 23rd February 1999
College is currently offering degrees in four discipline
Electronics Engineering (Since 1999)
Computer Systems Engineering (Since 2005)
Electrical Engineering (Since 2007)
Telecommunication Engineering (Since 2008)
The University
Currently University has six campuses
Four in Bahawalpur
One each in Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan
University is offering 135 programs in 60 departments
Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering
Dr. Muhammad Amjad
Asstt. Professor & Principal

Dr. Shahab Naizi
Asstt. Professor & HOD

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur started its journey as "Jamia Abbasia" in 1925
Jamia Abbasia was renamed as "Jamia Islamia" in 1963
In 1975 Jamia Islamia was upgraded as Public Sector University.
Since than the university has contributed expressively in human resources, academia and research
University College of Engineering & Technology
Salient Features of UCET
Accreditation with Pakistan Engineering Council (All batches upto intake 2010)
58 highly qualified faculty members
All faculty members are MS / ME
12 faculty members are doing their Ph.D. in various countries
Well stocked library with more than 30,000 Engineering Books
Modern computing labs equipped with more than 400 computers, including 200 Core i7 computers and multimedia facilities in all labs and classrooms
Building of Engineering College
The College Laboratories.
1. Circuits Laboratory I& II
2.Electronic Engineering Laboratory
3.Computing Laboratories (Three)
4.Electrical Machines Laboratories (Two)
5.Power Electronics Laboratory
6.Digital Logic Design Laboratory
7.Instruments and Measurements Laboratory
8.Microprocessor Laboratory
9.Control Systems Laboratory
10.Communication Systems Laboratory
11.Antennas and Microwave Engineering Laboratory
12.Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
13.VLSI Laboratory
14.Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
15.Data Structure & Algorithms Laboratory
16.Software Engineering Laboratory
17.Parallel Processing Laboratory
18.Digital Image Processing Laboratory

19.Data Management & Internet Laboratory
20.Multimedia Laboratory
21.Electrical Power Transmission Laboratory
22.Electrical Power Distribution and Utilization Laboratory
23.Electrical Power Systems Protection Laboratory
24.High Voltage Engineering Laboratory
25.Power Systems Simulator Laboratory
Organogram of UCET
Engr. Muhammad Bux Alvi
Asstt Professor

Engr. Farah Akhtar
Asstt Professor

Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering

Engr. Kashif Hussain Memon
Asstt. Professor

Engr. Rehan Ali Shah
Asstt. Professor

Engr. Nadia Rashid

Engr. Majida Alvi
Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering

Engr. Sajida Hassan

Engr. Bushra Samreen

Engr. Tazeen Amber

Engr. Hira Asghar

Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering

Engr. Qaiser Iajz
Lecturer & Deptt DSA

Engr. Anees ul Hussnain

Engr. Khurram Hameed
Lecturer &
incharge Examination

Ms. Afshan Rhandhawa
Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering

Engr. Anum Farooq
Lab Engineer

Engr. Adiba Habib
Lab Engineer

Semester System and Examination
Departmental Examination Committee
Scheme of Study and Duration of Degree
Schedule of Semesters
Curriculum and Course Coding
Evaluation System
Promotion Rules
Incomplete Grades
Semester Freeze
Course Repeat
Unfair Means Cases
Student Rights

Departmental Examination Committee
Scheme of Study and Duration of degree
Schedule of Semesters
*Summer semester will only be conducted by the permission of worthy vice chancellor

*The Semester durations are subjected to alter as per semester calendar issued by

Curriculum and Course Coding
The Department will use HEC recommended course curricula, semester road maps, course coding schemes, and course outlines for all degree programs that they offer, duly approved by the respective Boards of Studies.
All courses are assigned some codes described as per HEC rules approved by board of studies.
Example Course Code is CS-142 Introduction to Computing

Evaluation System
All courses (being offered / will be offered ) are assigned some marks and respective credit hours as approved by HEC and board of studies.
The overall evaluation is weighted across many evaluative components (details of which are given on next slide)
All students are suggested to appear and participate actively in all components.

Marks Distribution
Mid Term (Paper Distribution)
Final Term (Paper Distribution)

GPA = Summation(QP) / Summation(CH)

QP = Quality Points
CH = Credit Hours

Promotion / Probation Rules
All students are required to maintain "Good Standing" namely a satisfactory standard for attendance, academic performance i.e 1.7 GPA in 1 semester and 2.0 CGPA for all other proceeding semesters (i.e. 2 to 8)
If student obtains 1.7 GPA in 1st semester he/she will be provisionally promoted to the next semester (this is only true for 1st semester in proceeding semesters he/she must maintain 2.00)
If any student cannot meat the CGPA criteria in any semester he/she will be declared as DROPED OUT / RETAINED and will not be allowed to continue his/her studies in same semester / session.
Any student who is scoring less than 50% marks in even single course of curricula will not be able to obtain the degree (Even if he/she meets the CGPA requirements) until or unless course is repeated.
In special case obtaining 1.7 CGPA can be considered as probation

Promotion / Probation Rules
For every course 80% attendance will be required in each component (Seminars, Presentations, Internships, etc) for appearing in final examination
Inability to appear in the examination due to shortage of attendance shall be treated as failure and it will be required reappear in course
in case of an unavoidable circumstances (Performing Umra Sports, accident or such other genuine reasons) having less than 80% but more than 70% in a course(s) and having made up deficiency in the from of attending extra arranged classes may be allowed to sit in the examination.
Semester Freeze
A student due any unavoidable circumstances (i.e. prolonged illness) is unable to continue his/her studies can request for semester freeze.
The departmental examination committee will recommend depending upon the seriousness of case
If allowed the student can take a break of maximum one year and will continue his / her studies from same semester with the subsequent academic session.
This can only be availed once in whole degree

Course Repeat
A student can repeat course(s) to pass the failed course(s) / improvement with the subsequent session.
Student should apply 7 days before the start of subsequent semester.
Maximum 6 courses will be allowed to be improved in all 4 years of academic session.

Unfair Means
Student Rights
If a student feels not satisfy with assessment of his/her assignments , quizzes, tests, presentation, lab manual can appeal for re-assessment / counting to the HOD / incharge examination Student should apply with in 5 days of declaration of results.
In case of any improvement results will be updated otherwise previous result will be considered as final assessment.

Thank You
The Descipline Stream
Depth / Breadth
Courses Stream
Course Serial Number
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