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About my internship

No description

Alicia Marasli

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of About my internship

Alicia Marasli
I only have positive sides...
2 colleagues Hennie and Judy (50-55 years)
Friendly and helpful
My internship supervisor Judy
Different activities such as:
Baking cakes ( Monday)
Gym lessons ( Tuesday)
Creativity, knitting , making cards etc.
Free time
Relaxing , because I work with old people :)
Daycare Careander, De Schuilplaats

Group Zonnehoek , older people , 12 clients

Intellectual&psychical disabilities

Duration 1/1,5 year

Working hours
My colleagues
The activities
My role within the team
Reason why I would/wouldn't work here
My internship
About my internship
My strong points...
My weak points...
learning full situation
Insecure about myself and the things I do
Thinking to much
The people who work there are friendly
The clients are special and they give you a great feeling
Good working hours + good teamwork
Teamwork with my 2 colleagues
Be there for cliënts when they need someone
Guiding a group of clients during baking activity
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