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Problems that Edward VI faced during his reign

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on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Problems that Edward VI faced during his reign

Problems that Edward VI faced during his reign
The Lord Protectors
Edward VI was too young to rule by himself, therefore had to have Lord Protectors. Initially it was Duke of Somerset and then after his downfall, John Dudley. This meant that he was heavily influenced by them to take decisions for their own benefits. For example changing the country from Catholic to Protestant which raised many issues. It meant that he wouldn't of been able to take his own decisions without the influence from his advisors. Consequently the laws and reforms he passed didn't represent what he wanted entirely.
Edward VI knew that he was dying by May, when it became obvious that his illness was fatal. However he was faced with the succession problem, he had his older half-sister , Mary who was next in line to the throne, Nevertheless Edward VI didn't want the country to turn back into a Catholic state, therefore he was faced with the problem of choosing a different successor. It lead him on to pass the throne to Lady Jane Grey who had less claim to the throne than Mary. This led to much anger from the two parties.
Edward VI's Death
Edward VI was always a sickly child however in 1553 he died
of tuberculosis, arsenic poisoning or syphillis. This sickness lead to a decrease in his ability to rule and made him seem weak to his people and to other countries. Thus this led to many plots to retain power after Edwards death, which destabalised the throne.
In conclusion Edward VI faced a few problems during his short reign inlcuding issues with Power, Politics and Succession. Which subsequently led to tension after his reign.
The Ketts Rebellion
Edward VI was heavily advised and encouraged by Somerset and Thomas Crammer to change the religion from Catholic to Protestant. One of the changes that took place was issuing the English Prayer book.

In the summer of 1549, peasants in the West Country revolted in protest against the Prayer book. In Norfolk it was focused on economic and social injustices. The Revolution was suppressed by John Dudley.

Economic Trouble
Inflation and cost of war combined with double prices during 1547 to 1549 led to economic trouble.
The wool industry, however boomed during this time, through the ongoing fencing in or "enclosure" of the landscape to raise sheep for individual proprietors. This often displaced common land and therefore caused great social unrest
known as the enclosure riots.
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