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Franz Joseph Haydn

This is about Joseph Haydn.

Michael Klassen

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Franz Joseph Haydn

Early Life Life as a Musician Publicity Op.76 no.3 "Kaiser" Kapellmeister in Eszterháza Joseph Haydn wrote many compositions for Prince Paul Anton Esterházy. Haydn's style of music were operas, quartets, and symphonies. Childhood After being physically unable to be a soprano choirboy, Joseph became a career as a freelance musician. Although only having two classes in his 4 years at St. Stephen's Cathedral, while there he listened to musicians there to become a musician himself. Franz Joseph Haydn Haydn also went with the Esterházy family to their palace in Eisenstadt, Austria. An interesting piece. A Composer Life in Vienna Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer in the late 17nth and early 18nth century. Haydn grew up in a rural village of Rohrau, Austria located in eastern Austria near Hungary. His father worked a job like the mayor called a Marktrichter or market judge. Haydn's mother used to cook at the Count of Rohrau's palace. Joseph's parent didn't learn written music but the Haydn family sang lots of folk songs with their village. At about age 6, his parents saw his talent in music and sent him to a relative in Hainburg to learn music and composition. When Haydn was living in Hainburg, he was underfed by his relative. In Hainburg, Haydn preformed with the choir, singing treble parts in the
choir at church.
As well, Haydn learned to play harpsichord and violin. When Haydn was about 7 or 8 years old, the music directer of the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Georg Reutter II, auditioned choirboys in Hainburg for a choirboy in Vienna. Haydn was selected among others. St. Stephen's Cathedral Cathedral Born 31 March 1732
Died 31 May 1809 A few years after he preformed his first opera called Der krumme Teufel "The Limping Devil". After this play, Joseph gained publicity and was brought to the attention of many people. One of these people was Baron Carl Josef Fürnberg, who told Count Morzin. Haydn married while being the music directer with Count Morzin. But Count Morzin had some financial problems so Haydn went to work for Prince Paul Anton at his Esterháza palace. Kapellmeister means music directer. Most of his music Haydn wrote was for the Esterházy family and first preformed with their musicians. In 1779 Joseph Haydn could compose music for the public as well, not just the Esterházy family. This greatly increased his popularity. Because of this, Haydn wrote less operas and more string quartets and symphonies. Some other facts are :

He was a close friend to Mozart
Haydn was a teacher of Beethoven
He had a sense of humour that in evident in some music
He lived between Bach and Beethoven. "Surprise" (Symphony no. 94) Haydn's Kaiser Quartet From these pieces we get the:
Austrian national Anthem
German national Anthem The End Quinten (op. 76, no. 2)
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