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Egg Differences between fish/amphibians/reptiles/birds, and

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Ethan Smith

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Egg Differences between fish/amphibians/reptiles/birds, and

Egg Differences between fish/amphibians/reptiles/birds, and humans
The fish lay eggs
they are protected by a gel-like substance called egg sack
The female fish lays eggs outside of its body and then the male fertilizes it
Amphibians lay egg without shells (usually in the water)
the difference for the fertilization of the egg is inside the female but the egg is put out not grown in the female
some of the larva are named like the frogs larva are called tadpoles
reptiles lay their eggs in a hard shell
turtles lay their eggs on land and then swim out to sea and never see them again
the male will fertilize the eggs in the female and then she will they them on land

birds are like reptiles where the baby is in a hard egg
the embryo is grown in the egg feeding on a yoke like substance that contains nutrients
average bird gestation periods are short typically 20 days
Humans/mammals excluding the platypus is the only type of creature that has the embryo grown in the female
the egg is fertilized in the female and grown in the female
the gestation periods of humans is 9 mpnths
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