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Social Classes of The 1960's

No description

Candance L.

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Classes of The 1960's

Social Classes of The 1960's
greasers were a youth subculture
originated in the 1950s among teens in the 1950s
created in northeastern and southern United States
name greaser came from there greased-back hairstyle
what the greasers wear white t-shirts, baseball shirts, and bowling shirts but most of them wear leather jackets
common greaser footwear would be motorcycle boots, harness boots, or engineer boots
some hairstyles are the ducks tail and another that is more combed back would be the folsom style
Social Classes (cont.)
4) Strategy of Promulgation
trying to win public support
make posters, handbills, etc.
5) Strategy of Petition of The Establishment
all persuasion
used solid and ethical persuasive tactics
Created By:
Candace Luong
Ethan Gross
the "rich" kids
always wanting to pick fights with the greasers
drove Corvettes and Mustangs
wore madras
a rich gang
Different Social Classes
1) Strategy of Gandhi
non-violent resistance
very symbolic
2) Strategy of Guerilla
physical destruction
aggressive behavior
3) Strategy of Non-Violent Resistance
Ex: Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, etc.

Greasers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greaser_(subculture)
Social Classes: www.uta.edu
Socs: http://www.studymode.com/essays/Diff-Between-Socs-And-Greasers-663896.html
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