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The Dumbo Octopus

No description

Alex Galarneau

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of The Dumbo Octopus

How is your organism Diverse?
Movement- The Dumbo Octopus swims using its ear-like fins. It can shoot water through its funnels to propel itself along. It swims pretty fast.
What are your organisms needs?
HABITAT- The Dumbo Octopus lives 400-4800 meters below sea level. They were also once found 7000 meters below sea level. They live in all 7 oceans of the world

How does your "O" reproduce?
The Dumbo Octopus lay eggs all year long instead of having a breeding season. The eggs are usually quite large in size and when hatched, the young are quite advanced. Also The female will leave the eggs under rocks and leave them to fend for themselves
Map And A Little More Info Were The Dumbo Octopus Lives!
The Dumbo Octopus
By: Alex Galarneau
The Dumbo Octopus Presentation
Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy

My animal The Dumbo Octopus gets its water from what it eats it also gets its nutrients from the animals (Crusteans, Crabs and other UnderWater creatures.)
The Dumbo Octopus breathes air through gills located in the octopuses mouth. As it lives underwater it breathes through gills unlike other animals who just breathe through there mouths
How Big Is Your Organism Compare To Other Species.
Compared To a Sea Pig:
Weight: 3000 pounds
Length: 30 feet.
Compared to a Lion's mane jellyfish:
Length: 7 feet 6 inches
Tentacle length: 120 feet long.
Compared to a Human:
Height: 120cm
Weight: 194.7 lbs
The average Dumbo Octopus
Height: 50 feet
Length: 30 feet
Weight: 20 pounds

My animal The Dumbo Octopus eats mostly underwater fish such as zooplankton, crustceans, fish, ect.
Unlike his family he swallows his prey whole
What are your organisms Charachteristics
How does it grow and develop?
The Dumbo Octopus grows and reaches a height of 20 feet.
Cool Fact: If his tentacle gets ripped off he can regrow it!
How Does it Respond
From many comments on multiple website say that the Dumbo Octopus is friendly and doesnt react when touched
The Dumbo Octopus lives in Oceans with tempatures of 38' going up in degrees and down!
Dumbo Octopuses Defining Fetures.
The Dumbo Octopus is know for its ear-like fins. He was named the Dumbo Octopus because his fins look like the cartoon character Dumbo's ears.
Thank you guys for watching my presentation as a reward I have one last cool fact.
Even though it is named after Dumbo it does not have ears
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