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Emotional Health

Chapter 2

Deneen Healey

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Emotional Health

Emotional Health Chapter 2 Emotional Health = valuing yourself, maintaining a good relationship with yourself and others Unhealthy Emotional Health =
self destructive behaviors Often use alcohol, nicotine, other drugs May develop eating disorders May engage in illegal activities Behaviors can lead to addictions, obesity, heart disease, accidents, injuries, cancer, etc. What is Self Knowledge? It is the most IMPORTANT Relationship you will ever have...the RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF! Be Self Confident NOT conceited! Self confidence is attractive Conceited indicates that a person has a falsely high opinion of him/herself Most people who act this way are really INSECURE and FEEL "Less Than" They try to cover feelings of inadequacy by acting like they are better than others, put down others, etc. Develop self-knowledge by asking
"Who am I? What do I stand for?" Accept yourself for who you are... Develop your strengths Improve on your imperfections Thoughts Develop in the CORTEX of the brain Shape your actions If you think negatively then you will act negatively Think positively then you will act positively Values What you believe in Rule your behavior Change over time as you experience life What do you value?????? Are you willing to state the value to others? Will you stand by what you say? Do you consistently stand by what you say? Emotions are a response to an event as experienced by the individual No emotion is bad or wrong...
its the behavior that is associated with the emotion that may be bad or wrong Emotional Intelligence=
the ability to recognize and appropriately
express emotions Best to express emotions physically writing, talking , crying, exercising Helps to avoid resentment or supressing feelings CONFLICT Negative Positive violence developing a feud develop tolerance Find a mentor or support person/group Resolve Conflict by finding a middle ground negotiating each person gets part of what they want Compromise COmmUnicaTion Assertive express your feelings with out violating others verbally or physically Passive LettIng others "walk all Over yOu!" Keeping your feelings inside Aggressive being overly insulting Overly demanding inappropriate behaviors verbally or physically SOFTEN Smile Open Posture Forward Lean Touch Eye Contact DeciSion-MakInG 1. Identify the Problem/Concern 2. Set a Goal 3. Form A Plan 4. Act Follow UP/Evaluate No ONE LikEs Me........... All humans have the innate desire to "fit in" and belong to a group alienation a person withdraws from others because of differences that can't be resolved ostracism a person is rejected by others and excluded from society nonconformist a person who doesn't share in society's values and behaves in an unconventional way a person who doesn't share the values of the society he/she lives in...they behave in an
unconventional way What SHouLd i dO??????? Nod excluded from society Doesn't have the same values as society, behaves unconventionally A person is excluded from a group/society Decision-Making 1. Identify the Concern/Problem 2, Set a Goal 3. Form a Plan Brainstorm all possibilities/solutions 4. ACT Follow Up/Evaluate Soooooo We know how to be emotionally healthy... Why do so many people hurt themselves and others with drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, cutting, eating disorders, suicide attempts,
and other violence? That's coming up in Chapter 3-4-5 Bet you can't wait!!!
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