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What are the Advantages and disadvantages of population grow

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Jessica Martin

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of What are the Advantages and disadvantages of population grow

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of population growth?
By: Jennifer, Charlynne, Selah and Jessica M.
- A growing population can generate economic growth.
- The birth of more people means there will be a greater number of parents investing in their youth.
-Increased purchases in products such as food, clothing, education-related expenses, sporting goods and toys feed the economy.
- Parents with small children purchase larger homes to make room for their children.
-The larger homes that parents with children purchase feed the construction industry economically.
- Children then grow into adults who work for pay and spend it in the economy.
Better Economy
- With population growth comes challenges and difficulties.
- People will be forced to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things.
- Diseases, food shortages and pollution (all disadvantages) are problems that we will be forced to solve.

Medical, agricultural and industrial innovations
- With humans constantly reproducing there is no way for the human race to go extinct.
Keeps humans from going extinct
- A large amount of people lead to a higher chance of disagreement.
- These disagreements can escalate into a huge amount of conflict or even wars.
- With a large population it takes a lot to control a situation like a war or a riot.
- It would be almost impossible to keep even temporary peace.
Conflict and War
Crime increase
Food and land shortages
New Ideas and Cultures
- basic supplies become more expensive because of supply and demand therefore more people must steal to survive
- As populations increase the population of people with mental illnesses increase.
- More people will get in to fights that escalate into crimes
- People who become desperate for food and land so they may get into organized crime for money
- More people will buy cars which will create more air pollution.
- More people will create more waste and landfills.
- Factories will have to make more product because of the increase of consumers making more air pollution and garbage.
- Only a small percentage of land can be lived on and the increasing population will fill up that space very quickly.
- Food resources are limited and the population may grow beyond sustainability.
- Only a small percentage of land is used for growing food and to make room for people to live that space will slowly begin to shrink.
- Population is increasing and with limited land space, the earth will become crowded.
- With populations constantly growing so will things like culture and religion.
- Original cultures and religions will change adding new concepts and removing things that don't make sense anymore.
- New religions may be formed because of disagreements in changes to the beliefs .
- More people with result in more ideas beliefs and traditions.
- When the population grows so does the demand for certain products and services.
- The supply is limited so the prices go up.
- With a larger population there is more human innovation.
- This leads to ways of doing things without human labor.
- leading to less jobs and higher prices therefore creating poverty.
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