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Student Work

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of JANINE BENYUS

Janine Benyus Childhood
As a child Benyus loved nature and was
Inspiring quotes
Janine Benyus also gives seminars that to go green telling the key to future is going green.And nature holds the key. Not only humans build structure or give jobs to one another. The first houses where built from birds and other animals. All though the look very different they have their similarity.In my opinion she is rite many ways the advanced structures and designs that can improve the world.
The Honey Come Tires
This a invention Bio.mercey Janine benyus.
short brief on honey come tire
The honey come tire is called as it is from its shape the same shape as the honey bees hive. At first the military was sketchy on the tires.The tire was shot at point blank. Fire-arm the gun they used was a 50.caliber this is a sniper the bullet is meant to go threw armor and also can go threw 5 slabs of concrete. So the tire was shot and they ran the car for 10,000 miles until the tire finally gave.In Afghan-stand the vehicles are easy to stop with one shot at the tire. A another test was a rail-rode spike it ran 200,00 miles
rail rode spike
Janine Benyus
made by C Enriquez
very intrigued with nature .As a child she new
not only can people build a home to live in.
Even know she lives in remote area. In
her life growing up she new she wanted to get
a career. Her love of nature inspired her to get a
career that had to do with nature she loved the out doers with all her heart.
This tire is called the honey come.
This tire is being issued to the
military the
tires can not
go flat.
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