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6.04 US History

The Korean War

Samantha Wells

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of 6.04 US History

North Korea
General MacArthur
President Truman
United Nations

Revenge against Japan
Conflicts continued to rise amongst countries
A war started with the the US and South Korea
Wanted to win China over before they became communists with the Soviet Union
He wasn't allowed to be general anymore and China was controlled by the communist mess.
We stopped messing with China, but failed to get them to be a democracy.
Definitely DID NOT want a World War 3.
When China fell to communist control,
People thought he should've done more to stop it.
Wanted to help North Korea fight against the UN and South Korea
The war ended once they jumped in and fought
China became a communist in the end.
Wanted peace, and to protect the nations they were allied with.
But they had to get involved with another war to help South Korea because they were allied with them and to stop the spread of communism.
So they helped push North Korea back to it's borders.
The Korean War
Made by,
Samantha Wells
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