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Strengths & Weaknesses of My Front Cover

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Hannah Mambu

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Strengths & Weaknesses of My Front Cover

The masthead. This is the title of the magazine at the head of the front/first page.
Future Plans
For the main task, I'm going to take a similar picture to the main image but instead, having the model look directly at the camera for more eye contact to audience.
I will also keep the masthead as I think it's very different from other masthead, more interesting than a plain logo and clear.
Another thing I'll change is the typography. I'll make sure that the text can be seen clearly by changing the size of the words, the layout of the text and maybe the font too.
The typography. This is the style and appearance of printed matter, (text).
The main image. This is an image of one of the students in the school reading a book.
The front cover's background. This is the part of the picture that forms a setting for the main figures and appears furthest from the viewer.
Strengths & Weaknesses of My Front Cover
This image is effective as it appeals to the audience, (students) more, because it's one of them , so it's easier to relate to the college magazine. Also the fact that it's a college magazine, it portrays the school positively as the student is reading within the it's premises.
This is effective as it's the magazine's logo and is clear to see for the target audience plus passers-by. It's unique and different from most other mastheads which will make it more memorable and noticeable from other books.
The background is effective as it doesn't distract the audience from the main image because it's not bold or colorful. The background is a simple setting of the college. This portrays a good and relaxing environment for young teenagers to learn and revise.
Why a Weakness?
The typography is a weakness of the front cover as some of the text can not be clearly read. This is due to the color that was used and also the size of the text. One positive thing n the typography used, is that i think the font used was good as it goes with the masthead.
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