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Synergy: How to Strengthen AIESEC PR

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Melvin Martinez

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Synergy: How to Strengthen AIESEC PR

By JuanPi, Melvin & Mike
the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

"the synergy between artist and record company"
Understand what synergy is
How does it translate on the company
How to incorporate it to our reality
Understand how to be more collaborative
Make synergy agreements between the company
Could anyone tell me what synergy is?
How does this translate to a company?
It describes the benefits a business experiences by strategically organizing itself to maximize cooperation and innovation. In simple terms, a synergistic organization achieves more as a group than its parts could in isolation.
There are ways to promote synergy within an organization. AIESEC has synergy all over it, though we sometimes don't necessarily see it
Department with Complementary Skills
Increase Communication
Efficient Performance
Sharing GCPs
Create Alliances
Creating synergy is simple, but is also very strategic and requires collaboration between every participant. Here are 17 strategies to improve collaboration
Understanding that ‘tribes’ (subgroups) exist.

Do your homework-become a ‘tribal’ expert.

Create a clear, compelling and urgent cause.

Never burn a bridge.

In the face of drama take a step back

Get to “YES” fast. Focus on what’s working
between the tribes.
Create small wins

Promote meetings between department

Encourage people to socialize outside of work

Recognize, reward and celebrate collaborative

Make innovation a preeminent focus
Brand everyone as a junction box for

Think systemically

Walk a mile

Ask the tough questions

Let the customer weigh in

Honor requests – keep your promises.
Let's do an activity
How to Strengthen AIESEC PR
But first, a little video for inspiration
Get into Entities

Meet with an entity for 5 minutes.
Meet with a different entity until you meet all entities.
Synergy Agreements

How can my entity contribute to your entity's success?

Which project can we work together?

Which campaign can we help each other with?

What events can we do together?

What knowledge can I share with your entity?

How can we guarantee your entity's success?
Hope you've made awesome agreements
Let's share!!!
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