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ALL Violent Sports Like Boxing Should Be BANNED

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Taeisha Telus

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of ALL Violent Sports Like Boxing Should Be BANNED

Sports is basically an activity done
for pleasure, which needs physical
effort and skill. These sports can
injure a player by another player or coach.
Some violent sports are american football,
ice hockey, rugby,football, lacrosse,soccer,boxing,
mixed material arts, wrestling,and etc. I believe
that all violent sports, like boxing should be banned. I say this because many people are getting seriously injured. Furthermore, violent
behavior affects younger children when
they watch it.
ALL Violent Sports Like Boxing Should Be BANNED
In conclusion, we believe that violent sports like boxing should be banned because alot of people could get hurt by attempting to try to do the sports. Also that the athletes themselves, hurt each other every time they step into the ring with each other they hurt each other to make money which is wrong.Finaly when they hurt each other,they can end up in the hospital or die. Those are just some reasons why we think violent sports should be banned.

Firstly, many people will get injured and can cause alot of brain effect. It teaches people to use their fists instead of word and it can cause very serious problem. Children get easily influenced by what they watch on t.v and if they see two grown men punching each other they think that behavior is acceptable in regular society.
Secondly, Boxers make money for injuring people which is wrong and this is why it is wrong. Some people may lose their lives when they are wrestling, take WWE for example, when those wrestlers are punching, jumping,and taking objects to hurt people, some may end up in the hospital or gone.
Although, many people think that violent sports should be banned, others think they shouldn't. Young people learn their strengths and weaknesses through these sports. Not only do these sports require physical prowess but mental prowess as well. Every sport involves at least some type of risk. Rugby players are paralyzed every year in scrums, scuba diving can cause brain damage or even death, and golf or jogging can lead to pain or injury. Without some risks, sports would just be boring and meaningless.
Reason 2:
Reason 1:
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