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International Managenemt

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r l

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of International Managenemt

Double click anywhere & add an idea International Management Germany History Facts Habits &
Behaviour Summary Culture
Dimensions Do´s &
Dont´s Sources Thank you! PDI Power Distance Index 
IDV Individualism 
MAS Masculinity 
UAI Uncertainty Avoidance Index 
LTO Long-Term Orientation What you "see":
"Hard" language
Approach to time
A lot of rules What is beyond this behaviour/stereotyp:
Approach to low-context communication, honesty and directness
"Preußische Tugend", self-responsibility
Equal rights for everybody -> laws Criticism of Hofstede:

Only IBM-employees!

Not representative (only corporate culture?)

Regional differences DO`s
Use Titles and "Sie" plus surname!
Tell your company, position and name at first when s.b.´s calling
Equal rights for everybody
Shaking hands
Table manners Unification 1871
Imperial Chancellor Otto von Bismarck
1st world war 1914
Treaty of Versailles caused "Weimarer Republic"1918
"Golden twenties" -> economic boom
National Socialism 1933 - 1945
Reunification 1989
16 federal states Capital : Berlin
Highstes population in the EU
Biggest cities:
Berlin (3.404.037)
Hamburg (1.754.182)
München (1.294.608)
682 000 Imigrants (2008)
Forth largest GDP in the world
Average earnings 3127€ (1st quarter 2008)
Tax rate 47.3% DONT´S
East - West!
Spare Compliments!
Smoking at Public Places
Small talk
Respect privacy and reserve Patrizia Szmergal & Robert Lux


Subject: International Management

Lecturer: Dr. Renata Krzykała-Schaefer PDI:
Superiors act more as moderators
Subordinates are expected to participate in processes
Statussymbols e.g. assets, cars, title
Responsibility, experience
Optimistic and higher risk Trends/prospect:
Environmental protection e.g. separation of waste -> Long-term-orientation
More service than production industry
Flat organizational structures
Teamorientation -> Collectivism Do´s & Dont´s:



Be open Facts:

Country of immigration

Freedom of worship

According to the British-German association: "Do Germans have a sense of humour? [...] Of course,a more sophisticated humour [...]" Habits & Behaviour:

Christian traditions

Directness & honesty

Reliability "Ordnung muss sein!" ;) Culture Dimensions:

Culture is dynamic and changeable Don´t forget:

Human nature & Personality! History:

Heterogeneous country

"Nation of poets and thinkers"

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