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No description

robert russell

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Money

Money What is money? anything that people
accept as payment
for goods and services Functions 1. Medium of exchange
2. standard of value
3. store of value barter.......trading goods for other goods What would you do without a medium of exchange??? means of how products can be exchanged a measuring stick (compares worth of our stuff holds its value over time What would you barter for to get a....haircut?
....new cell phone?
.....movie at the theatre?
..... concert?
..... lunch?
.... the Prom? Properties of Money Physical Caharacteristics



3. divisible

4. uniform Economic

1.Stable of value

2. Scarce

3. Accepted Types of Money Commodity money Representative money Fiat money gold,silver,rice,tobacco,
cows, horses, shells,
most common has been
coins made from precious metals such as paper money ordered by a government that the money has value
and must be accepted for payment Money in the U.S. currency....paper money and coins demand deposits....checking accounts which convert into currency near money......like savings accounts M1 and M2 M1......currency,demand deposits, and other checkable deposits M2....... (more broad definition)

.......M1 plus savings accts, CD's, mutual funds, How much money is in the U.S.????
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