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what is a typical Australian citizen

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of what is a typical Australian citizen

Typical Australian Citizen
How Am I A Typical Australian Citizen
How Have My Perceptions Changed
From the data I have collected, my family is a typical Australian family because my family owns two cars and a house, my family lives in a urban /capital city/area, my parents are married, both my parents work in paid employment, all the children live at home and my parents take a privet car to work usually as the driver.
From the data I have collected, my perceptions on what jobs people have, has changed, and how many people live in a house hold.
My Perceptions

What are our perceptions of the typical Australian how typical am I?

Question 1: From the data collected describe the characteristics of an average Australian

Question 2: how are you an average australian? discuss your similarities and differences from the data collected.

Question 3: How have your perceptions changed on what is an average Australian.
From the data I have collected A typical australian family owns 2 cars and a house with 3 bedrooms . The family size is 4, 2 adults the parents are married and 2 children the children are a boy and a girl. The age of the eldest child is 9 and the youngest child is 6. both children live at home. The family will live in a capital city Sydney and Melbourne. Both parents work in paid employment. The females common occupations are General clerk, Primary school teacher or Office manager. The males common occupations are Truck driver, Electrician and Retail
. The male works an average of 41 hours and the female only 32 hours. Both parents take a private car to work as the driver. The parent receive 1,800 a month and 72,000 a year.
I believe that a typical Australian will have 2-3 children and 2 parents. They will live just outside the city with a 2 story house and 2 cars one for each parent. The children will go to a catholic school. The mum will be a will be a full time primary teach and the dad a full time engineer . The family will go on holidays to around Australia every 5-6 months and on a over seas holiday every 2-3 years. The family will have WI-FI but only enough to supply 1 computer and 2-3 portable devices. The family will own 1-2 pets with a pool and a medium sized front and back yard. The dads age is around 40 and the mums 35. both the children are around 10. The family does not live with their grandparents and the parents are married and live together. The house has 4 bedrooms, 1 laundry,kitchen,dining room and lounge room and two bathrooms. The family are all Australian and only speak English. The boy will enjoy Basketball, Cricket and Soccer and the girl will enjoy Dancing,Netball and Tennis.
By Elise Beane 5/6N
What Is A Typical Australian Citizen
From the data I have collected, I can conclude the our Australian society is multicultural. Our people and their ages, Our different jobs, Our religions, Our families and our houses are all multicultural. I have gathered my perceptions from my family and from what I know about other families around me and my family. Our country is multicultural because of our migrants coming to and from Australia. Our migrants come to Australia because of our facilities, generosity and our hospitality.

This infomation was collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Geogragraphy task
What Are Our Perceptions Of A Typical Australian And How Am I?
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