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Cooking Scrapbook

My culminating project :) Enjoy!

Annie Sajid

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Cooking Scrapbook

Cooking Scrapbook :)
By: Annie Sajid.
HFN200 Scones website: www.quakeroats.com I thought that making the Apple Raisin Scones was pretty easy since it was our first cook! Overall it was fun, although I didn't really like the taste of the scones. Personal Connect Banana Bran Muffins! www.eatingwell.com Personal Connect Baking muffins reminds me of when I used to help my mom bake when I was young! The muffins turned out delcious although my personal favourite are Blueberry Muffins! :) Stuffed Peppers! Personal Connect:
The group I was in made a vegetarian version of this recipe. My favourite thing was the rice! It tasted amazing by itself!! I also taught my mom how to make this recipe because I loved the rice so much! www.eatingwell.com Apple Crisp! Personal Connection:
The recipe was fun to make and I loved the end result! In my opinion it is a great recipe to eat during Autumn Wendy's Chili ! Personal Connect:

Although I didn't eat the chili itself, it was not too hard to make! I think the idea of using resturant favourites at home is a great idea! www.joyofbaking.com www.topsecretrecipe.com Chocolate Chip Cookies www.topsecretrecipe.cpm Connect:
Personally the cookies in my opinion were too sweet! I like having a balance of just the right amount of sweetness but overall it was a very easy recipe to make! Pizza !! 3 words. Best recipe ever. www.bhg.com Sugar cookies!
www.bhg.com Tomato Orzo Soup & Breadsticks
These were the greatest cookies I have ever made and tasted in my life. I even made a bunch more once I got home to pig out on! LOVE THEM! :) Although I was not here the day we made our soup & breadstick combo, I heard rave reviews from everyone ! I am still mad that I missed it!! I was surprised that I actually made lasagna because I thought it would be super hard to make but, not only was it easy it was also verrryyy tasty!! Lasagna! www.bhg.com Fudge Tarts! www.bhg.com The fudge tarts in my opinion we're amazing with MY suggrestion of adding COOL WHIP :) even though it was a bit toooo chocolatey, non the less still good! Lava Cookies! www.monstercookies.com

Personally I hated these! They had wayyy to much chocolate in them, bleh ! CHicken Quesadilla
www.bhg.com The greatest food of life. It was fun to make and even more amazing to eat! I had sooo many I got a stomach ache! But it was worth it! Asian Noodles www.eatingwell.com

It wasn't hard to make this dish but I think it could of had better flavours! I also finally learned how to use chopsticks! :) ~PICTURES~ I have learned a lot while in this food & nutrition class! I learned how to be a better cook because honestly I could not cook at all but once I got in this class I picked up new techniques and began making dishes I didn't know I had the ability to make. I loved our class discussions and different views! We all work well together as a class! I learned how to voice my opinion yet still give other people's opinions a chance. I never knew how intrested I was in Social Science I was until I got in this class! Overall I had an amazing time and thank you for making such an impact! :) - Annie
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