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IFMSA World Cancer Day 2015

IFMSA celebrates the World Cancer Day as every 4th February of the year. This year's theme is #NotBeyondUs ! Check out this toolkit for more information.

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Transcript of IFMSA World Cancer Day 2015

World Cancer Day

4th February 2015


World Cancer Day
theme of WCD 2015:
Cancer - Not Beyond Us

Get Involved!
World Cancer Day is a
truly global event

Don't stand still and
Small changes lead to big changes

What you can start maybe another will finish. What you can do maybe another will help you doing it.

In order to achieve the objective of reaching as much of the world’s population as possible,
we can make a difference.
more information and tools:


Take a look at the WCD
social media guideline
to help you through the process of promote and spread the message

World Cancer day takes place every year on
4th February
, uniting the world under a single theme to highlight the ongoing
fight against cancer!
Why is it important?
Global cancer epidemic is huge and is set to rise!
8.2 million
people die from cancer every year!
4 million people die
(aged 30 to 69 years)
It is under the
tutelage of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC),
the leading international non-governmental organization that unites the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equity, and to integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda.

Founded in 1933 and based in Geneva, UICC’s growing membership of over 800 organizations across 155 countries, features the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health, research institutes, treatment centers and patient groups. Additionally, the organization is a founding member of the NCD Alliance, a global civil society network that now represents almost 2,000 organizations in 170 countries.
Healthy Life Choices
Early Detection
Treatment For All
Quality Of Life

World Cancer Day 2015 will take a
positive and proactive approach

to the fight against cancer, highlighting that

solutions do exist
across the continuum of the cancer care body, and that
they are within our reach.
4 Sub-themes
It is up to us to
let the Cancer get
Beyond Us

There is much that can be done at an
individual, community and governmental level
, to harness and mobilise solutions and catalyse positive change.

the campaign and explore means and ways to
implement what it is already known
in the areas of
early detection
, and in turn, open up to the exciting prospect that we can impact the global cancer burden –
for the better
Choosing Healthy Lives

Reducing the social and environmental risk factors for cancer and empowering people to make healthy choices, are
key components
to achieving the
global overarching goal of reducing premature deaths from NCDs by 25% by 2025
and reaching the aspirational targets of the World Cancer Declaration.
Delivering Early Detection

Ensuring the availability of, and access to, early detection programmes for cancer can significantly reduce the cancer burden in all countries.
Achieving Treatment For All

All people have the right to access quality, effective cancer treatment and services on equal terms, regardless of geography and without suffering economic hardship as a consequence.
Maximising Quality Of Life

Understanding and responding to the full impact of cancer on emotional, mental and physical wellbeing will maximise the quality of life for patients, their families and carers.
Every Action Counts

Whether you do something as large as running your own World Cancer Day campaign, or as simple as sharing our template messages amongst your networks,
every action has an impact
. Show the world that fighting cancer is
not beyond us

Be creative. Be Original. Make a change.

Join the virtual campaign and make a statement. Every action helps!

Campaign Hashtags:
1 - The Power of Quotes

Quotes can act as a powerful tool for reinforcing your key messages in any press or educational materials you produce.

For more guidance, please visit:

3 - The Power of Images

There are
five different posters
available for your use that have been designed specifically for the 2015 campaign (Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish!)

You can use them digitally or as printed posters to promote the Day and the theme.

Visit http://www.worldcancerday.org/posters
2 - The Map Of Events

Add to the World Cancer Day online map of events and activities -
please share what you will be doing on/around World Cancer Day

WorldCancerDay.org is visited by media, individuals and organisations worldwide - therefore this is a great place to let the world know what you have planned,
no matter how big or small

4 - Thunderclap

UICC has created a
Thunderclap campaign for World Cancer Day 2015.

What is Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a tool that facilitates the mass dissemination of messages via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr by simultaneously posting to the accounts of those who support the campaign.

This is a great way to give the
campaign visibility and increase the chances of ‘trending’ on social media platforms.

For our Thunderclap to go live, we need the support of a minimum of
250 individuals for the message to be broadcast
. Sign up to Thunderclap on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and join the WCD 2015 Campaign.

5 - Raise Awareness

There are a lot of ways to improve knowledge and raise awareness in any kind of theme.

For the WCD 2015 we suggest that you develop and perform
workshops, lectures or debates within medical students and healthcare students.

You can also get to collaborate with local organizations/ oncology departments for the matter , and provide free screening tests for your target group and target cancer aiming for early detection.

It is known that
informal and practical approaches
are the ones with higher audiences so think out of the box!

6 - Advocacy Campaign

Take part in the current discussions within your community, or promote new ones. Just make

Take a stand on a national policy and send a letter to your health minister about it.
Ask your university to integrate more early prevention measures in your curriculum and your university.
Get in touch with NGOs locally and nationally which already have on-going campaigns and join forces
Use the 4 sub-themes of the campaign to guide you through the process and to give some ideas of what are the most
important topics
Treatment, Prevention, Early Detection, Quality of Life

7 - The World Cancer Declaration

Use World Cancer Day as an opportunity to
reaffirm our messaging around the Declaration targets

If you believe in what UICC believes,
sign it

Let us know what
you are doing
and do not hesitate to contact us for any help or support to run your events.
Take a picture or a video saying #NotBeyondUs in your language!
Thank you for following us!
Skander Essafi SCOPH-Director 2014-2015
Miguel Romano: National Public Health Officer PorMSIC 2014
Worldwide, an estimated 169·3 million years of healthy life were lost because of cancer in 2008. Colorectal, lung, breast, and prostate cancers were the main contributors to total DALYs in most world regions and caused 18-50% of the total cancer burden.
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