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CCMS Majors Day Fall 2011

No description

Iman Ghubash

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of CCMS Majors Day Fall 2011

College of Communication & Media Sciences
more to

Converged Media
combines print, broadcast and web to develop new digital media systems and to update existing media products
-Media management
-Creative Services Director
-Magazine/book publisher
-Content publisher
-Website designer
-Social media coordinator
Job opportunities
Visual Communications
develops students’ visual storytelling through still photography digital video and audio.
Job Opportunities
-Broadcast Journalism
-Media Management
-Film Documentary
-Video Editor
-Video/Film Producer
-Freelance Photography
Integrated Strategic Communications
Combines public relations , advertising, promotion and marketing in the planning and execution of communication programs and campaigns.
Job opportunities
-Advertising director
-PR Director
-Community Relations Director
-Events planning
-Government/corporate communication.
Tourism and Cultural Communications
prepares student to become communication experts in the tourism, heritage and culture related industries in the UAE and worldwide.
Job opportunities
-Tourism and Promotion Director (private and government)
-Event management
-Cultural Center Director
-Tourism Information Director
-Culture Program Designer
-Visitor Experience Manager
Dubai Tv
Department of Economic Development
Executive Office
Sharjah Women's Club
Multimedia Design
(Joint with College of Information
Technology & College of Arts and Sciences)
Includes designing everything from film and television to magazines and websites to book publishers and advertisers.

Multimedia design appeals to a unique mix of people -- those who are both artistically and technologically oriented.
Job Opportunities
Film/sound editing
Emarati Studies
(Joint with College of Arts and Sciences)
Job Opportunities
-Cultural tourism
-Heritage tourism
-Art centers
-Cultural festivals
Preparation in exhibition design and curatorship, and cultural tourism—sectors that are expanding within the U.A.E. The country needs citizens who, knowing their history, heritage, and culture, can work effectively in both heritage tourism and cultural tourism.
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