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Infamous Red Solo Cup:

No description

Phil Stein

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Infamous Red Solo Cup:

Gathering Research
Analysis through naturalistic methods:
Two weekends each with parties on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (6 total observational experiments)
Analysis through survey method
60 survey respondents total
Survey Method:
Research Findings
Of 60 survey respondents:
Mean: 3.65
Range: 0-9
Average amount of people on each night: 100
Our individual averages
3.2 (Phil)
3.3 (Alp)
Common Uses
Cups used per person:
Per Night Per Party
Per Weekend at GW
Per Year at GW
Per Weekend Nationally
Per Year Nationally
Each cup weighs: 14.17 grams
Solo Cup Waste By Weight
Per Weekend at GW
0.57 tons
Per Weekend Nationally
2,562 tons
Per Year Nationally
133,260 tons
Per Year Worldwide
505,054 tons
Per Year Worldwide
Assume 300 Parties Each Weekend at GW
Per Year
Per Year Worldwide
Per Year at GW
29.65 tons

Recycle Cups
Allow all plastics such as solo cups to be turned in at redemption centers
Provide economic incentives to students for recycling their cups, cans, and bottles
Tie government funds for higher learning institutions to recycling mandates
Make solo cups out of more environmentally friendly materials
Research Findings
Throughout the average night:
29.50 cups are used playing cola pong
11.17 cups are used playing flip cup.
Number of cups wasted by cola pong and flip cup alone
Carbon Footprint
Solo cups are made of Polystyrene
There are 10,000 undergraduates at GW
Carbon Emissions of Polystyrene
Producing 1 kilogram of polystyrene creates 2.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions
CO2 Emission Per Cup Production
38.26 grams
Our Annual C02 Footprint
Phil: 41.71 pounds CO2
Alp: 43.82 pounds CO2
GW Annual CO2 Footprint
80 tons
National Undergraduate Footprint Annually
359,847 tons
That's enough to surround the Foggy Bottom campus!
Greater than the weight of the population of Mississippi!
...Or 20 Elephants!
Per Weekend
There are 4,495 Colleges and Universities in the United States
Per Weekend Nationally
If stacked this would be higher than the Empire State Building on top of the One World Trade Center!
Per Year Nationally
The Infamous Red Solo Cup
There are 17,036 Colleges and Universities Worldwide

Greek Life Competition
between greek organizations to do with solo cup recycling.
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