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My structure presentation


cheryl manley

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of My structure presentation

Kaaba My structure is ... the the kaaba built in mecca the kaaba was built almost 21 centuries ago my structure is The Kaaba (arabic) "The Cube '').
The sacred house is a cuboid building
in Mecca, Saudi Arabia Introduction Architecture The Holy Kaaba is a cuboid shape structure which is made of granite.
it is 43 ft high with side measuring 36.2 ft by 42.2ft. Inside the Kaaba,
the floor is made of marble and limestone. The inner walls is clothe with marble halfway to the roof. The marble is insert with Qur'anic words
The wall directly next to entrance of the Kaaba has six tablets put with words. The top part of the walls are covered with a green cloth decorated with Qur'anic verses. Caretakers rub the marble cloth with scented oil used on the Black Stone outside. Three pillars stand inside the Kaaba, with a small table between one and the other two. Lamp-like objects hang by a rope above the platform. An enclosed staircase leads to the roof. Structure musjid -al Haram, the most sacred mosque
in islam , is built around the kaaba muslims
are expected to face the Kaaba during prayers,
no matter where they are. Constructure The Qur'an states that Prophet Ibrahim(pbuh) together with his son Prophet Ismail(pbuh) raised the foundations of the Holy Kaaba in 2130 B.C.E. After heavy rains and floodings in 1629, the walls of the Kaaba collapased and the Mosque was damaged. The same year, the Kaaba was rebuilt with granite stones from Mecca and the Mosque was renovated. The Kaaba's appearance has not changed since then. Cleaning The door of the Kaaba is opened twice a year for a ceremony known as "The cleaning of the Kaaba." This ceremony takes place 3o days before the start of the month of Ramadan and thirty days before the start of Hajj. A small number of important people and foriegn diplomats are invited to parcitipate in the ceremony.The governor of mecca is the honoured
guests who ritually clean the structure using simple brooms.Washing of the Kaaba is done with a mixture of water from the Zamzam well and Persian rosewater. who,what,where,when and why
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