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Sidekick Pitch Deck

No description

Simon Court

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Sidekick Pitch Deck

The journey now & beyond... Sidekick Enterprises - Increasing obesity
- Increasing diabetes
- Huge absenteeism & presenteeism costs
- Transient workforce
- Feeling disconnected The world is an unhealthy place WE CANNOT AFFORD TO IGNORE IT! - Communities & networks
- Linking ALL employees together across ALL companies
- Peer support & competition
- Played across a large scale online game
- Linking 3rd party apps How do we solve this problem...? - 61.4% Australians obese (74.1% USA)
- Approx 1 million adults depressed (Aust) (1 in 20 USA)

- 67.5% of each day spent sedentary
- $7 billion lost productivity from absenteeism (Aust)
- $26 billion lost productivity from presenteeism (Aust
$225.8 billion lost productivity total USA

- 3 billion hours per week spent online gaming
- Avg 21yo spent 10,000 hours gaming (equiv to grade 5 to graduation with perfect attendance)
Target Market “Reflecting this high rate of functional impairment, almost two-thirds of the estimated $83 billion that depression cost the United States in the year 2000 resulted from lowered productivity and workplace absenteeism,” Target those who game We nwill ac
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