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Cold Climate

No description

Fab jerash

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Cold Climate

Cold Climate General Characteristics:
1. Cold climate found towards the pole
2. Winters are long, dark and extremely cold
3. Summer are short but relatively warm
4. Wind chill factor
5. Little precipitation
6. Large annual rage in temperatures Precipitation Precipitation often comes in the form of snow in winter. (Image from http://www.artworldplus.com/sitebuilder/images/SNOWING_2_april_2006_m-615x390.jpg)
Light throughout the year
Air is too cold to hold much moistur
Many places are far away from maritime sea air/wind
Precipitation falls as snow (in winter
Cold Climate locations have rainfall summer maximum (from convectional rainfall)

Many different ways of categorizing climate Hence, our presentation focuses not solely on cold climate but also: Humid continental climate Continental sub-arctic climate Polar climate
Short, but relatively warm
Lots of day light
During June and July sun never sets in places with very high altitude (Arctic)
Light rain
Sometimes convectional rain
Summer Case Study: Fairbanks, Alaska Works Cited
•Very low temperatures
•Very Long, early winters
•Dark (Limited Sunlight)
•Usually Snow
Cold Climate Winters Map of Cold Climate Region
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