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All About Me- Isabella

All about me!


on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of All About Me- Isabella

I am a returning Williamsburg student....in 7th grade. I love it here.
My goals for this semester.....to have everything-yes everything(!) planned, and, as every semester, to get A's in all my classes. This is my first semester doing all three classes!
More about me...
I was born and still live in California. I am the oldest of four kids, me, my sister, brother, and youngest sister. I live with my parents, siblings, and two dogs, a golden lab and wiry Jack Russell Terrier mix. I live right next to a park, which is really nice!
Inside Look on my Education...
So, I've been homeschooled on and off, gone to public school, and even private school. I went to a public kindergarten, since my dad was teaching at the school, and went to a gifted and talented second grade class instead of 1st grade, and was back to being homeschooled in third grade. For half the year. For the other half, I was going to private school, then for half of fourth I was back at home. The other half, I was in a GATE class, where my dad was assistant principal, I stayed there for 5th grade, and I've been homeschooled all of junior high!
I am passionate about...
My Christian faith, dance, school, my family and friends, sewing, helping people out, my blog, and photography. As well as reading, writing, cooking/baking, and having fun!
What I love to do...
I am a person who loves doing multiple things....such as blogging, photography, volunteer work, reading, babysitting, piano, computer stuff, and a lot more.
All About Me- Isabella
Educational Background....
Feel free to....

Ask any questions or comment, I would love that!

Have a great
Something interesting about me...

My thumb is double jointed!!
OK, something better.... I once stood in Nevada and California in the same minute!
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