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Amanda Todds Bullying Story.

No description

Laila Grace

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Amanda Todds Bullying Story.

Who is Amanda Todd? Amanda Todd Bullying story Amanda Todd was just a normal everyday girl from Vancouver. When she was just in 7th grade she would go on sites like 'Omegle' with her friends and talk to random people. They would always compliment her, call her pretty, beautiful, gorgeous etc... One day a man asked if he could see her topless. Not knowing the consequences she showed him her self, Topless. One Year Later... The same man messaged her. The message said something along the lines of 'If you don't put a show on for me , i will send your topless photo.' The man had somehow managed to get her address, relatives, friends names and school. Later, in Christmas break, there was a knock at Amanda's door at 4am. It was the police... the photo had been sent to everyone. After that everything went down hill for Amanda, she got really sick and ended up having anxiety, panic disorder and major depression. She then got into alcohol and drugs, thinking it was the only way out. A year passed and the man came back with her new friends, school but this time made a facebook page, his profile picture was Amanda's topless photo. She lost all her friends, all respect and cried every night. Amanda went through serious bullying, name calling teasing. That's when she started self-harming. She moved schools, a month later she started talking to an old guy friend. He said he liked her, he led her on, but he had a girl friend. He told her to come over, and Amanda did, he then started kissing her. A week later 15 others including the boy and his girlfriend came over to her, they told her nobody liked her and beat her up. Leaving her on the ground they left. Her dad found her in a ditch a few hours later, He took her home, that's when she drank bleach, she really thought she was going to die She was rushed got the hospital and when she came home her facebook was filled with "she deserved it" and "I hope shes dead" Amanda moved schools once more. Everything was getting better. Even though people were still very harshly cyber-bullying. They were saying things like "I hope she tries a different bleach" and "Why isn't she dead yet?" She posted a video of her self, explaining her story, she said she was alone, nobody was there for her. She was depressed, and her anxiety got worse, and so did her cutting. She overdosed and landed in hospital for two days. A month after she uploaded the video, she committed suicide. What it looks like... What it looks like... Amanda: Amanda's 'Guy Friend': For the looks like, feels like and sounds like I'm going to do it on the time when the bullies beat up Amanda. -People coming up to you
-Kicking, punching, pulling of hair, scratching, etc...
-People crowding around
-Black ditch -Amanda looking confused and scared
-People crowding around
-Amanda on the floor crying
-Amanda getting beaten up by me and others Amanda: Amanda's 'Guy Friend': What it sounds like... What it sounds like... -People walking up
-Lots of shouting and screaming
-Me falling on the ground
-Punching and kicking
-Me crying
-Them laughing -Shouting and screaming
-Amanda crying
-Punching and kicking
-high fives I think sites like Omegle and chat roulette should be banned because they have caused a lot of drama and concern over the years. I also think parents should raise their children to talk to them all the time because maybe if Amanda had her parents then she would have felt a bit more wanted and understood. Also people should stop bullying. I know its not that simple but everybody makes mistakes and for some one to take their life away because of a bunch of cruel people makes me sad. Lastly maybe they should have things like bullying campaigns and raise awareness so people know this is a serious issue in today's world. Amanda: Amanda's 'Guy Friend': What it feels like... What it feels like... -Confusion
-Pained -Satisfaction
-Guilty RIP Amanda Todd, gone but never forgotten. By Laila Grace November 1996 - October 2012
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