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Photography Composition

No description

Jessica Otte

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Photography Composition

Photography Composition
Blurred Background
...when the subject is clear and the background is blurry
Leading Lines
...a natural line in the photo points to the subject
Worm's Eye View
...the photographer places themselves below the
subject or on the ground
Bird's Eye View
...photographer is high above the subject
Rule of Thirds
...the subject is located on the left or right column of the photo, not the center
...the photo includes a repeated pattern
Modern Examples
--Mrs. Otte

online example
my example
online example
my example
online example my example
online example
my example
online example
my example
online example
my example
...the subject is surrounded by natural elements in the foreground which appears to frame it
online example
my example
...the subject seems trivial and small since it is surrounded by a vast expanse of space or background
online example
my example
Fill the Frame
...the subject takes up most of the photo with little to no background evident
online example
my example
All online examples were found at www.googleimages.com
Works Cited:
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