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Module 1

No description

Anna Fields

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Module 1

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Anna Fields Module 1 T-Shaped Human Evolution and Prehistoric Dress "McFaddin Beach." Texas Beyond History. TBH Web Team, n.d. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. This Prehistoric awl was found on McFaddin Beach off the coast of Texas and assumed to be made of animal bone. Awl This illustration is of a prehistoric man, dressed in a coat made of fur and bifurcated animal skin, is what was thought to be worn around 5,300 years ago. Hill, Daniel Delis. History of World Costume and Fashion: New Jersey, Pearson Education, 2011. Print. Sept. 18. 2012 Otzi the Iceman was discovered in the Otztal Alps in very good condition for a mummy of over 5000 years old. He was believed to have worn animal skin pants as well as boot like footwear made of thick leather. These innovative items of clothing of the time helped Otzi to survive the cold climate of the Alps. Bifurcated Leather Footwear (boots) "Otzi - The Iceman: South Tyrol Museum of Archeology." South Tyrol Museum of Archeology, n.d. web. Sept 18. 2012. Dress Motivations Body Art Body Modification Dress Types: Bifurcated Poncho "Poncho-Wiktionary." Wiktionary, the Free Dictioanry. N.p, n.d. Web. Sept 18. 2012. Coat "Winter Coat Shopping Tips: Become.com Tip Center." Shopping tips, buying advice, and more. N.p, n.d. Web. Sept 18. 2012. Draped Fields, Anna. "Full Dress. T-Shaped and Bifurcated." 2012. JPG file. Fields, Anna. "Draped." 2012. JPG file. Protection Although in this image we are indoors the hats and coats are for practical use and protection. The hat protects our ears and heads from releasing too much heat and the coats protect us from wind, snow, cold, etc.

Another possible motivation besides practicality may be personal expression. We thought we looked pretty good in big fuzzy hats. Fields, Anna. "Protection." 2012. JPG file. Utility Sunglasses are a from of utility as well as protection. Often called an accessory, sunglasses can be stylish while protecting harmful UV rays from the eyes and face. (personal expression can also be applied). Fields, Anna. "Utility." 2012. JPG file. Seduction In the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, the women stretch out the lower lip and place a decorated plate in it. As the skin stretches the plate becomes larger and more elaborate. This is considered a from of beauty and seduction.

Another possible motivation is belief and or culture. This is a tradition that has been upheld in the Mursi tribe for many years and a women is considered beautiful when she wears a face plate. Benali, Remi. "Women of the Mursi tribe with a lip plate, Omo Valley - Ethiopia 2005-Nature and Cultures-Fine Art prints-Arles-France. n,d. Web. Sept 18. 2012. Magico-Religious or Devotional Pope Benedict the XVI wears this robe and head dress as a symbol of his devotion and belief in Christ. His dress also shows his status and hierarchy as well as group identification as a Christian believer. "Pope Benedict the XVI - Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia." Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia. N.p, n.d. Sept 18. 2012. Personal Expression This looks like a wacky group of people, compared to American Norms in fashion. These people are expressing their own unique style and taste through their bright clothing that may be some what sexually suggestive as well. This is an example of ones personal expression. Primary motivation: seduction "Welcome to Inc.com." Small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs. N.p, n.d. Sept 18. 2012. Primary Motivation: Survival Group Identification My mother was apart of a group that participated in a walk for pancreatic cancer in Syracuse, NY. They all wore the same shirt with the name of their business on it, showing that they all belonged to that one business. Each team that signed up had a T-shirt design that designated their group from all of the others. Primary Motivation: Survival Fields, Anna. "Group Ident." 2012. JPG file. Status or Hierarchy The business suit has become the international fashion symbol of economic status. The nicer the material and the more well known the brand, such as this mans Gucci suit, the higher status you have.

More money = nicer clothing = hierarchy Primary Motivation: Survival and seduction

Reason being that with a higher status you have more opportunities and options. Also, having wealth is attractive and a form of seduction. Nice clothing that shows off your wealth becomes attractive to others because they assume you are successful. "Mens Business suits in Italy." Italy Daily News, Weather, All you need to know about Italy. N.p, n.d. Sept 18. 2012. Arouse Emotion Modesty Communicate with Symbols Fields, Anna. "Arouse Emotion: Costumes." 2012. JPG file. These home made Halloween costumes were for the purpose of evoking emotion in others. We wanted others to think we were clever, and maybe even bring them back to their childhood days of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Costumes are often the most popular way to evoke emotion because they resemble something mythical or magical, scary or thrilling, and usually it is not every day attire. Fields, Anna. "Modesty: Bathing Suit." 2012. JPG file. In American culture, bathing suits are worn in public for the sake of modesty. Modesty is defined as regard for decency of behavior, speech, or dress. In this case, a bathing suit would fall under dress modesty. It is not uncommon however to find nude and topless beaches in other parts of the world. Many of the British and French Islands have nude or topless beaches because they believe in a freer modesty. All we are doing by wearing a bathing suit, which exposes most of our skin, is covering the genital areas. Primary Motivation: Seduction
Bathing suits expose most of our body and lay only on the genital areas giving them emphasis. The more skin that is exposed, the more sexually attractive that person is. Fields, Anna. "Lifeguard." 2011. JPG file. My friend Connor here, sent me a picture of himself on his first day of life guarding. Uniforms such as this help to separate him into a group of individuals who have certain training and skills to help others when needed. A life guard is recognized by the red and or white cross and the colors that he or she is wearing. People understand that others wearing this uniform can help them in an emergency situation. Primary Motivation: Survival

Without group identification for someone like a life guard, those in trouble would not know who to go to for help. There would be chaos, and potentially more harm done to the person in need. Primary Motivation: Survival Primary Motivation: Seduction Fields, Anna. "Totem-NP Campus." 2012. JPG file. Henna comes from the flowering Henna plant. The plant has been used for hundreds of years as a skin, hair, and material dye. Body art with henna became increasingly popular in India and the middle east and is often used in religious and celebratory ceremonies such as weddings and parades. In many cultures who use Henna as a body stain, consider it very beautiful. The rich red and brown earth tone is a symbol of the bounties of earth that come from such a precious plant. "Mehndi Designs: Arabic Henna Designs for Brides." Mehndi Designs. N.P, n.d. Web. Sept 19. 2012. Totem This Chinese dragon costume, found right on the New Paltz campus is a totem symbol of strength and celebration. Two people are inside the costume and are the legs of the dragon. The dragon does a dance in the parade that symbolizes ethnic identity. The bright colors are for show and pizazz mostly but gold is the most common color of the costume because the first king of the Chinese was supposedly the one to start the tradition of the dragon dance. Gold is a symbol of wealth, status, and worth. "BBC News In Pictures: BNC Cultural Show." BBC News - home. N.p, n.d. Web. Sept 19. 2012. The Singsing tribe in Papua New Guinea paint their bodies like skeletons for a cultural show that they do every year in celebration of their ancestors and dead loved ones. Rather than being a ceremony of mourning, the paint that resembles skeletons is a celebration of the dead. The paints are made from natural plants and soot.

White - a symbol of life, light, innocence
Black - a symbol of darkness and death Fields, Anna. "Piercing." 2012. JPG file. Piercings are a cultural fad in the United States and a permanent or intended permanent body modification. A Piercing is made by puncturing a hole through the skin and adorning it with some type of jewelry. Pics, 2011 Category:. "Face Tattooed Women of Chin Province | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities." Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2012. This woman of the Chin Province in Burma has her face tattooed, following the long standing tradition that started as a defense mechanism. Now considered a symbol of strength and beauty, this painful full facial tattoo was done to the Chin tribe women to keep the Kings of China from steeling their women away. The tattoo was supposed to make them less attractive, thus keeping them safe from abduction. Foot binding or lotus foot started in China during the Tang Dynasty in the 10th century. The practice started on young girls around the age of 5. The foot was essentially disjointed and re positioned to be much smaller and misshapen than a normal foot would be. Special footwear was made for women even though it made it very difficult to walk. Having lotus feet were not only a part of the culture but a sacrifice to be beautiful. "Suffering for Beauty - Graphic Photos of Chinese Footbinding - My Several Worlds." MY SEVERAL WORLDS - Travel Asia. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2012.
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