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V for Vendetta - Visual Styles

No description

Kai Beltran

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of V for Vendetta - Visual Styles

V for Vendetta

Visual Styles Drawing Styles strong use of shadows, muted colour pallets, accented figures and on/off detailed figures
buildings, people, objects are very detailed but when at a distance
they lose almost all form of detail and just look like a blur
most detailed drawings are facial close-ups
In V for Vendetta, Moore uses cool colour tones to keep a dark, gloomy, sad aura post nuclear dystopian society, which is ruled by a facist - totalitarian government, in modern/future Britain
V's speech is reference to historical events, (The Gunpowder plot) famous songs (Sympathy for the Devil) Text and Storyline The action within the gutters is very minimal, the main purpose it serves is to change the angle of the shot, zoom in on an expression or give detail to the environment.
the gutters are used to clean up the text, describe the expression of Eve and give a 360 view of the environment. Between the Panels The gutters also act as a transition between locations; in this case showing 2 assassinations occurring at the same time.
In this action scene there is more motion occurring within the gutter than the previous talking scene. However, the amount of time passing in the gutters is consistent throughout both scenes. Gutters The drawing style is composed of a range of thick, black shapes and thinner lines that help convey many forms of emotions and set the overall mood of each specific event in this story. Example: Dark moments; the dark outlines and shapes are jagged and rough.
The lighting is very intense and always seems to come from one side (film noire style) and when it falls on an innocent person’s face like it does on Evey's face and body, it always seems to come from the front and completely fill her with light.
The colours help blend the panels together in an elegant and fluid fashion.
The story relies a lot on the expressive faces of characters to tell the story and give an emotion. Colour takes a back seat and only brings more liveliness to this piece, but the extreme black shapes on a white background express most of the emotion in this gritty world. Drawing Styles
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