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Declaration of independence vs common sense

No description

esly argueta

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Declaration of independence vs common sense

Declaration of Independence In the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson appeals to patriotism.
He those this by arousing the people to
become independent. He tries to let them
see that they have protested and acted
up against the British for their
injustices. Quotes
"For suspending our own
legislature,and declaring themselves invested with
power to legislate for is in all cases whatsoever" " He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our legislation constitution and unacknowledged by our law; giving his assent to their Acts of Pretended Legislation"
It establishes a straightforward
tone. What kind of style does he use?

Thomas Jefferson uses anaphora to establish how annoyed he is at all of the things that the British king has done to the Americans. Written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 Common Sense Written by Thomas Paine in 1776 In Common Sense, Thomas Paine appeals to independence for the colonists.He tries to persuade them into believing that they can do better economically, politically, and socially. Quote
"Whenever a war breaks out between England and any foreign power, the trade of America goes to ruin,because of her connection with Britain.
Thomas Paine uses a demanding tone to convince people that they should realize that their ties with Britain will bring ruin and misery to the colonists' lives. Thomas Paine's style is false dilemma fallacy. He claims that the colonists should decide whether they want to continue being slaves to Britain or break away to prosper as an independent nation.
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