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CIA Interrogations

No description

Ryan Claybourn

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of CIA Interrogations

Double click anywhere & add an idea War On Terror al Qaeda Detainees Information Whereabouts of al Qaeda members al Qaeda Camps al Qaeda Operations Save American Lives Executive Order 13440 Bush Administration Extract Information CIA conduct interrogations Suspend POW Status to al Qaeda Captured and Confessed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Abu Zubaydah admits to 9-11 attacks Chief of Operations Senior Lieutenant Captured During War Middle East al Qaeda Terrorism World Trade Center ACLU Freedom of Information Act CIA documents released Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Binding Forced Nudity Deprivation of Light Shoving Enviromental Manipulation WATERBOARDING Dietary Manipulation Stressed positions Investigation Attorney General Eric Holder Broken Laws Criminal Charges? Great Divide Defense of Interrogations Condemnation of Interrogations Defense Dick Cheney Michael Hayden Interrogations saved lives Help to fight Terrorism Condemnation Interrogations were torture Obama Administration Information unreliable Interrogations unnecessary Executive Order 13491 Only lawful interrogations No enhanced interrogation techniques POW status returned Guantanamo Bay closed No CIA interrogators prosecuted CIA INTERROGATIONS
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