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The Mycenaean Greece Civilization

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anatoly mycenean

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Mycenaean Greece Civilization

The Mycenaean Greece civilization 1600 -1100 b.c
lived in the late bronze age.

Arts and Culture
The Mycenaean's created vases and jewelry as an art. The vases were usually made out of clay and mud. The jewels most likely came from caves where the Mycenaean's mined in. They believed in gods and worshiped them by making statues that represented the gods and bowing down to them. A custom they had was telling myths, which kept their culture alive for a long time.
The Mycenaean's mined metal, gold, silver, and bronze to make better tools. They made clay tablets to write on. They wrote about schedules and dates for important events. They also had an irrigation system
The Mycenaean's economy was mostly based off of trading. They had difficulties with harvests, which was the reason they traded for food. They established trading posts, to trade with different civilizations from distant lands. Sometimes they would even leave Greece to trade far away. They built boats for those sailing journeys.
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the old tablet
the new tablet
They built walls around their cities and made city-states. They built boats to sail across their lands and trade.
The Mycenaean Greece civilization lived in the parts of Northeastern Greece.
Made by
Caden Anderson
Anatoly Yashin
Yael Collazo
Andres Angeles-Paredes

They built cities all around their area (Greece). One city was named Mycenae.
The city had valuables and treasure.
An effect of one geographical feature is
that they could find metals, and mine them to make weapons. They could also find other people to trade with.
The Myceneans died of tribes men invading their cities
map of where the Mycenaean's traded
The Mycenaean's had battles over the government. They had a social organization with kings, followers, and workers. The king would most likely be the commander of their army. The government was a democracy. Having the government as a democracy meant all the people could decide on how their laws and community should be.
Mycenaean clay artifact
Gold Mycenaean mask
Map of where the mycenaean's lived
Drawing of Mycenaean city with walls around it.
A Mycenaean boat
Entrance to Mycenae
Symbol of equality
Mycenaean vase
A group of Mycenaean people. Most likely followers.
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