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Business Education


Stewart Pence

on 26 June 2010

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Transcript of Business Education


“Imagine the advantage that these future business leaders would have if they had the chance to develop business skills early on in their education.”
-Donald Trump

By : Stewart Pence and Katie Martin
A Major Need

50% of business teachers are nearing retirement age, and there is a national shortage of K-12 business educators!

Schools are now paying more
An abundance of jobs with better security

An Overview
What is Taught:
Computer literacy

Necessary skills:
Problem Solving
Time is of the Essence
Most individuals have the opportunity to start teaching at the age of 23 or 24 years.

Internships and jobs are easily accessible Secondary Education
Most Universities and Colleges in America offer a business and education program
Financial Support is available!
For example, the NBAA offers over $100,000 for scholarships annually
Bachelor’s degree or an MBA; normally requires 1-2 additional years of post graduate schooling
Student teaching is often required
Must obtain state licensing

The Job Experience

Freedom in the class

Day-to-day experiences

Student development

Utilize skills, creativity, and intelligence to make learning new and relevant
Enjoyable Employment

Work consistent hours
Have the opportunity to work and corroborate with professional colleagues
Help your community
Join School Organizations
Does it Pay Off?

Average pay for business teachers:
with a MBA degree
$65,000-$78,000 annually
With a Bachelor’s degree
$42,000 -$54,000 annually

Pays more because
They are teaching on a vocational level
Requires a more extensive collegiate education
Business Opportunities

Teachers can network professionally

Business Education allows for further success:

School Management

Collegiate Professorships

Business Proprietorships
Student Opportunities

Teachers can foster the future of our youth

Give students the chance to apply classroom knowledge to real life
Advantages of Business Teaching
Availability of federal grants; monetary support

Great Benefits

Ideal hours

Inspiring young minds
A Changing World
Communications have enhanced global ties

A globalized system ensures that the educated will succeed

Education is changing with the economy
Love your Profession
TDAresearch found that during a half hour lesson, the average teacher:

Smiles ten times

Laughs three times

Enjoys a good banter five times

Praises someone nine times

Has an in-depth discussion seven times

This is more than double or triple compared to the rest of the business community!

Why YOU Should Pursue Business Education
There is a demand for YOU!
Hours are reliable and flexible!
Your pay, benefits, and career security!
Personal and professional growth!
Be APPRECIATED and ENJOY your work!
Mold and shape the future of our country!
A new, fresh experience everyday!
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