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Westing Game Characters

No description

Emily Shamalov

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Westing Game Characters

Westing Game Characters
Turtle Wexler
Wearing a braid is her thing
Jealous of her sister Angela
Kicks people in the shins when people touch her braid
Always going to take a dare
Flora Baumbach
A Tailor/Fashion Desginer
Had a daughter named Rosalie that passed away
Very friendly with Turtle
Treats Turtle like it's her own daughter
Jake Wexler
The husband of Grace Wexler
The father of Angela and Turtle Wexler
Works as a podiatrist
Doesn't care about the Westing Game at all
Thinks the Westing Game is a joke
Grace Wexler
The lady that thinks she's an heiress
Mother of Angela and Turtle Wexler
Wife of Jake Wexler
Thinks she's related to Sam Westing
Gives more attention to Angela than Turtle
Adores Denton Deer
The Shin-Hoo's
Owner of Shin-Hoo's Restauant
Has one son named Doug
His wife is Madame Hoo
Wife of Mr. Hoo
Doesn't know how to speak English
James Hoo
Madame Hoo
Theo Theodorakis

The Boys
A boy that helps his brother all the time with his disability
Loves to read
Adores to write
Enjoys the Westing Game
Chris Theodorakis
Brothers with Theo
Has a disability
Enjoy's the Westing Game
Wishes to be a normal kid
Angela Wexler
Soon to be married to Denton Deere
Enjoys being with Sydelle
Denton Deere
Soon to be married to Angela Wexler
Hates the Westing Game
Intern as a Doctor in a hospital
Sydelle Pulaski

Wears flashy clothes
Loves the Westing Game
Has a piece of clothing that has purple stripes on it
Has crutches
Limps sometimes
Wrote shorthand notes during Westing Estate
Doug Hoo
Loves the Westing Game
A running track star
Works in the Shin-Hoo's Restaurant
Otis Amber
A 62 year old man
Delivery "BOY"
Sandy McSouthers
Doorman to Sunset Towers
Used to work at Westing Paper Products
J. J. Ford
An African American Judge
Made a party in her house
Bertha Crow
Sam Westing's maid
Always wears black

Sam Westing
A rich billionare who created the Westing Game
Who Will Win?
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